Sacred America, Sacred World Book Trailer

Stephen Dinan discusses his book, Sacred America, Sacred World in the book trailer below. Enjoy!

Stephen Dinan is the CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and the Evolutionary Leaders group. As the former Director of Membership and Marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program. He also directed and helped to create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers.


Libertarianism For Beginners

by James Canfield, For Beginners

Seavey provides a thorough and easy to read explanation of libertarianism and its history. Full of examples and nuance, the book offers a balanced context for understanding this philosophy.

Ann Lee, NYU Stern School of Business professor

9781939994660Chapter one of Libertarianism For Beginners opens up by defining a Libertarian as being both socially liberal, “not wanting the government to interfere in their personal behavior,” and fiscally conservative, wanting low taxes, low government spending, and few regulations.” It’s hard to imagine why anyone would believe in anything other than Libertarianism, right? If you agree, the first page of this book is bound to surprise you. According to the Libertarian Cato Institute, approximately 5% or less of the population actually consider themselves to be Libertarians.

It is a common misbelief that our government, the one we entrust virtually everything to, is in fact operating with the citizens’ best interest in the forefront of their mind. Instead, they focus on our nation as a whole, accepting a certain degree of upset amongst the citizens as ‘acceptable.’ Our modern day society has become ever-so dependent on such a diverse portfolio of political philosophies. All of which, attempt to view the government in a light of the individual’s choosing, one that best suits their daily routine. Todd Seavey, in his book Libertarianism For Beginners, states that humans have since developed a wide swath of competing conceptions about the so-called good life and how to achieve it. No two views, however, would be the same.

It was not until the twenty-first century, really, that a large number of individuals began to self-advocate towards a new way of thinking. Placing a strong emphasis on both individual and property rights, as Seavey states, Libertarianism is one such philosophy that supports the shrinking of government. Libertarians heavily endorse the concept of political freedom, which falls under the United States’ first amendment towards freedom of the press. They need not worry about who is actually in charge of the government, because instead, they are rather concerned about whether or not we need a government at all. As shown in an illustration by Nathan Smith, the law should intrude into people’s lives as little as possible. We the people have the right to be the judges and jurors for ourselves.

In life we are truly on our own. We dress, feed, and take care of ourselves as we see fit. Every day we must choose between option A and option B, each resulting in an entirely opposite outcome, as well as permanently changing the future course of events. We are therefore forced to ask ourselves; why then, would we need an outside governing force to dictate what it is we do?

Libertarianism For Beginners, Todd Seavey seamlessly takes you on a journey inside the mind of an everyday libertarian. Through the humorously depicted illustrations of Nathan Smith, he is able to bring the world of libertarianism to life, right in the palm of your hand. Every stop you make will visit yet another unique thought, opinion, or point of view, and each page you turn will only draw you further in.

Read more about Libertarianism For Beginners and visit the For Beginners website to learn more about their titles.

Our April Titles Are Coming!

April is always a great time of year. Spring (finally!) makes it’s appearance on the east coast, warmer weather sets in and we can finally be outside. And what goes great with being outside? Reading a book! With seven titles coming out in April, there should be something for everyone. With titles ranging from surviving three near-death experiences, to raising a husband, learning how to grow older better and finding out the truth behind your sun sign, you’ll have plenty to read until our May titles come out!

9781573246361How to Survive Life (and Death): A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond)

Robert Kopecky

An Emmy-nominated art director for television, Robert Kopecky never dreamed he’d end up writing a book about how to survive life and death. But what else could he do? Over the years, Kopecky had not one but three near-death experiences. He discovered exactly what lives on the other side of our fears about dying–and living. And he had some stories he knew we’d want to hear. Even some very funny ones.

Read this book and you’ll find yourself uncoiling, relaxing your shoulders, taking deeper breaths. You may even feel like you’re floating as you begin to shed the weight of a lifetime of social and existential anxiety. And you’ll find the calm determination to live your life accordingly.

(Conari Press)

9781573246354How to Raise a Husband: A Whole Bunch of Ways to Build a Strong and Happy Marriage

Tonilyn Hornung

Completely nag-free, How to Raise a Husband offers a unique approach by incorporating the honesty of six experts (real wives) with one unifying voice (the author’s) to assist and entertain, all the while providing deep and valuable insight into the less-talked-about issues of marriage. From honest communication to knowing the difference between when to compromise and if you are compromising yourself, and how to know when it’s appropriate to wear your Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader uniform, How to Raise a Husband gives practical advice and encouragement on marriage that will unite women across the globe.

(Conari Press)

9781571747037Getting Older Better: The Best Advice Ever on Money, Health, Creativity, Sex, Work, Retirement and More

Pamela D. Blair, PhD

Pamela Blair, a psychotherapist in her 60s, has a few things to say about aging. Open this book to any page and find one of over 100 brief, kickstarting essays and journaling questions for moving into your third act with a sense of adventure and possibility. Blair offers dozens of practical and motivational ideas for handling everything from health and libido to the death of a spouse, money, legacy, and more.Let Pamela Blair will guide you through the thoughts and feelings about aging that may be dragging you down. Let her point the way to a different, optimistic and clear eyed, way of getting older—better.

(Hampton Roads Publishing Company)

Bad Birthday.inddBad Birthdays: The Truth Behind Your Crappy Sun Sign

Sarah Christensen Fu

Revealing the truth (whether you like it or not) about your star sign, Bad Birthdays uncovers the true quirks, oddities, and unpleasantries that characterize your unlucky sign of the zodiac and rule your destiny. When it comes to love, do you think that watery Pisces are naturally romantic lovers? Think again—if you’re unfortunate enough to have a relationship with a Plagued Pisces or a Contemptible Cancer, you’re in trouble. Reference the relationship sections to rate your compatibility with other star signs, or at least highlight where the cracks are going to show.

(Hampton Roads Publishing Company)

The State Is Out of Date: We Can Do It Better 9781938875069

Gregory Sams

Does anyone really think that politics is working–aside from those in power and behind it? What if living together in peace and harmony is a more natural condition than that we experience in today’s conflict-driven culture? We are community animals with built-in empathy, good at organizing things and helping each other out. The most essential and reliable features of our culture arose without top-down planning by a state that has one basic objective–to stay in power. We have enjoyed enduring civilizations in the past governed wholly from the bottom-up, without need of a shepherd and sheepdogs. We can do it again – and are more connected than ever before.

(Disinformation Books)

9781573246316The Language of Healing: Daily Comfort for Women Living with Breast Cancer 

Pat Benson and Linda Dackman

This wise little book of 150 meditations is like a breast cancer support group. It is exactly what a woman recuperating in her hospital bed or during any of the other milestones of treatment and recovery might need—the advice and wisdom of other women who have preceded her in confronting breast cancer.

Gathered here are moving reflections, anecdotes, and practical information for women concerned with or diagnosed with this disease. Built upon the experiences of women of all ages–women who have undergone all types of breast surgery and treatments from lumpectomy and mastectomy to radiation and chemotherapy; women who are single, married, divorced, widowed, straight, gay–the reflections touch upon topics as universal as fear and grief and as intimate as sex.

(Conari Press)

9781571747112Children of a Living Universe: Discovering Our Legacy Will Change Our Future 

Paul Von Ward

Children of a Living Universe is a call to action unlike any other you may have encountered. According to cultural historian and cosmologist Paul Von Ward, the time has come for human beings to reassess just about everything we believe about our ancestry and global past. Drawing upon forgotten prehistory, clues from the world’s esoteric traditions, and new research in consciousness, Von Ward asserts we are more powerful beings than either science or religion has led us to believe. He exhorts us to embrace a bold, new model of human existence, one that explains our celestial origins, multidimensional capacities, and destiny as conscious co-creators of a self-learning and self-correcting universe.

(Hampton Roads Publishing Company)