Sexy Love Spell Candle for Scorpios

by Lilith Dorsey

Watery, powerful, sensual, and secretive, it could easily be said that Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. They value security and mastery in all things. Their still waters definitely run deep. This is your astrological sun sign if your were born between October 23rd and November 21st. The following simple spell uses herbs, oils, crystals, and a candle to attract passionate love to, or even from a Scorpio sun sign.

Taken by Lilith Dorsey at the What's Your Sign? Mural Project in NYC. This project was created by Love Heals, the Allison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education.
Taken by Lilith Dorsey at the What’s Your Sign? Mural Project in NYC. This project was created by Love Heals, the Allison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education.

Astrology is a complex science, and while this spell primarily focuses on one’s sun sign, I urge you to also explore your moon sign, as well as the rest of your horoscope natal chart. These will provide additional insight and guidance in your life. The following ingredient list includes Tuberose for sweet love and easy times, Gardenia for devoted love and passion, Ginger, which is a hot spice for getting the mind and body racing, amethyst to focus and direct your efforts in the area of love, and to provide self love and healing. The purple candle should be carved with the symbol for Scorpio.


3 drops Tuberose oil
3 drops Gardenia oil
Pinch of powdered ginger
Amethyst crystal
1 small purple votive candle carved with the symbol for Scorpio
Glass candle holder

Gather all ingredients together on your working altar. Place the carved candle in the center of your sacred space inside the candle holder. Place the Tuberose oil, Gardenia oil, and a small pinch of ginger on top of the candle. Place the crystal on the altar between you and the candle. Light the candle. If you must extinguish it before it burns down, smother it and relight it the next night. Each time your light it focus on the best possible manifestation of your sacred desires coming to you. When the candle has burnt down take the crystal and place it in your pocket. Carry it with you until your desires have manifested. When this is done throw the crystal into a moving body of water, thanking the universe for it’s blessings.


Lilith Dorsey, MA is a magical practitioner/voodoo priestess with training in several traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean (Santeria and Vodun), and Native American spiritualties. Her traditional education focused on plant science, anthropology, and film. She owns her own magickal consulting business, Branwen’s Pantry, and is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly. She is also the author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism and The African-American Ritual Cookbook. She has a degree in anthropology from the University of Rhode Island and an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Our March Titles Are Almost Here!

Are you as excited as we are about our March titles? You should be! March’s titles range from how to find happiness, surviving change, our love affair with vampires, and secrets, conspiracies and cover-ups. Read on for more about our latest titles! All books will be available on March 1st wherever books and e-books are sold.

find happiness nowFind Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing Love, Balance and Joy into Your Life

Jonathan Robinson

From the author of the bestselling Communication Miracles for Couples, are 50 simple yet powerful tools for finding and maintaining happiness.  Divided into four sections: Loving Yourself, Improving Relationships, Connecting with Spirit, and Living Your Dreams, readers will find a plethora of easy, practical ways to have better relationships, increased success and enjoyment in their careers, a more loving connection with themselves, and a lot more fun in their lives.

Grow your self-esteem, stop worrying about money, become your own hero and tackle major decisions – these are just a few of the ways that this book can improve your life and help you find happiness.

(Conari Press)

how to surive change you didn't ask for - Copy

How to Survive Change…You Didn’t Ask For: Bounce Back, Find Calm in Chaos and Reinvent Yourself

 M.J. Ryan

We all know “change is hard” and it can be even harder when we don’t see it coming. In How to Survive Change…You Didn’t Ask For, Ryan provides strategies to retrain your brain and optimize your response to change, step-by-step: by first accepting the new reality, then expanding your options, and finally taking effective action. She provides many tools for becoming calmer, less fearful, and more flexible, creative, and resourceful in your thinking. The best part – as your adaptability increases, so does your confidence and with her guidance, you will be able to survive and thrive no matter what life throws your way. (Conari Press)


100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know100Things Not Supposed to Know: Secrets, Conspiracies, Cover Ups, and Absurdities

Russ Kick

This books sheds light on things that people in power – government, religious leaders, corporations, the rich and well connected- just wish you didn’t know. Through careful research and impeccable sources, Kick uncovers the hidden truth. For example, self-appointed censors warn constantly about the dangers of pornography, but the fact is that pornography has existed since the first cave people carved dirty pictures on the wall. It’s also true that two atomic bombs were dropped on North Carolina, although we managed to avoid nuking Greenland, Texas, Canada, Britain and Spain.

All of these and more in 100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know.

(Disinformation Books)

 vampires are usVampires Are Us: Understanding Our Love Affair with the Immortal Dark Side

Margot Adler

With no particular interest in most genre fiction, including Vampire Fiction, as Margot Adler sat vigil at her dying husband’s bedside, she found herself inexplicably drawn to vampire novels-and quickly enough she was hooked.

As she dove deeper into the genre – by now she had read more than 270 vampire novels, from teen to adult, from gothic to modern, from detective to comic – she began to see just how each era creates the vampires it needs. Dracula, an Eastern European monster, was the perfect vehicle for 19th-century England’s fear of outsiders and of disease seeping in through its large ports.

In 1960s America, Dark Shadows gave us a Vietnam-era conflicted, struggling-to-be-moral-despite-being-predator vampire that still enthralls us today. Think Spike and Angel, Stefan and Damon, Bill and Eric, the Cullens.

Vampires Are Us explores the issues of power, politics, morality, identity, and even the fate of the planet that shows up in vampire novels today. Perhaps, as Adler suggests, our blood is oil, perhaps our prey is the planet. Perhaps vampires are us.

(Weiser Books)

For Your Love Tool Kit: The Instant Blind-Date Identifier

Let’s say you’re at a bar.  You’re eyeing somebody from across the room for an hour before you finally decide to introduce yourself.  Three martinis later, you might have found your soulmate or a big waste of time.  How can you tell if you should approach them?  If you know a thing or two about the zodiac, take a few tips from author Stella Hyde and her instant blind-date identifier.

“Are they standing at the bar, constantly fidgeting, taking up a lot more space than they need, talking at other people, laughing loudly at their own jokes, flipping beer coasters, shuffling their feet, impatiently drumming their fingers on the bar counter?”

If so, they have a FIRE sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

“Are they sitting at one of the better tables, studying the menu and their pocket calculator, scarfing down the free nibbles?  Have they put their bag and neatly folded coat on the seat opposite to mark out their territory?”

They have an EARTH sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

“Are they perched on a bar stool, gabbling into their cell, pecking at their Blackberry, playing advanced Tetris, or just smiling at themselves in the bar mirror?”

They are none other than an AIR sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

“Are they sitting in the dark, easily defensible booth way off in the corner with their back to the wall and a barricade of some kind in front of them?  Or can you not see anyone who fits their description in the bar?”

They most definitely have a WATER sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).Image

For more information on compatibility by sign, check out last week’s post.

Communication pitfalls in relationships

Do you communicate well with your significant other? According to Communication Miracles for Couples author Jonathan Robinson, the following is a list of the most problematic topics when it comes to couples effectively resolving issues.

The Dynamic Dozen

(Areas in which differing rules cause considerable problems)

  1. How to make money decisions; who is in control of money
  2. How often to have sex and other issues of sex such as birth control, what happens if the woman becomes pregnant, and so on
  3. How to treat your partner when she is upset
  4. How to show your partner your affection and love
  5. How to discipline the kids; what are the different responsibilities each parent has toward the kids
  6. What makes the relationship truly successful
  7. What is the proper way to listen to your partner; how much listening is necessary
  8. How to handle problems and major decisions that affect both partners
  9. How much quality time should be spent together each day or week
  10. How much TV watching is allowed
  11. How much alcohol and/or drug use is allowed
  12. What is the most effective way to ask your partner to do things for you

For more helpful tips and advice when it comes to navigating relationship communication, read: