Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Give Mom a gift this Mother’s Day that will inspire her to live life to its fullest.

The Woman’s Book of Joy9781573246705

Self-care is an important pursuit and yet an incredible challenge for women. Too often they are focused on caring for others and not themselves. Through 150 meditations and affirmations, The Woman’s Book of Joy provides the encouragement women need to be good to themselves and to develop awareness, let go, be optimistic, and trust the universe.

The Soul Discovery Coloring Book9781573246859

This companion to Janet Conner’s Writing Down Your Soul offers a powerful catalyst for accessing the knowledge deep within. Using 22 key questions to ignite the imagination and filled with plenty of ideas, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book will inspire readers to not only color a beautiful picture but to create a beautiful life.

Lean Forward into Your Life9781573246460

This book is an invitation, a reflection, and a set of prompts to help you remember the questions you want to ask yourself. Readers will learn how to live with intention, listen hard, play with an abandon, continue to learn, live as if this is all there is, and do what you love.

The Courage to Be Yourself9781573246767

Geared to women who too often find themselves meeting the wants of others at the expense of their own needs, Thoele provides the necessary tools to help readers transform their fears into the courage to express their own authentic selves.

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