Sharing the Sun

by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

This past Winter Solstice I was asked to take on a central role in a ritual for the return of the light at the last moment. The person who was to embody the Sun was ill and could not attend, and of those present I was the best option available. I had just gotten over a bad cold and was not at my best, but given the stress of 2016 we all felt that the hundred or so people that would be attending really needed this ritual of hope and renewal. One of the attendees was a friend who has a profound connection to Solar Deities, Apollon in particular. She offered to give me a boost of energy which I gladly received.

We exchanged a wholehearted embrace and I felt myself fill with the power that brings the day, warms the soil, and promises Spring to come. I thanked her, though she had her doubts about whether or not she had given enough. I assured her that she had given me exactly what I needed. That evening the ritual went well, healing tears were shed, the light of the reborn Sun was spread from candle to candle, the joy of communal strength grew, and merriment followed with music and singing late into the night. I thanked my friend again for her assistance. She told me that she felt stronger and better after having shared energy with me. She was both puzzled and concerned that I had not taken enough of the energy that she’d offered. I explained what I had done, and in doing so realized that it was a technique that I should share.


The chances are that if you’ve had training or exposure to one of the many energy healing modalities, you know that it is better to draw upon the power of life, the universe, the Divine, or whatever else is considered a wholesome source of power rather than to drain your own reserves, your batteries. It does take a certain amount of your own power to start the process, once begun you have access to far more than you used. There are situations that do call for personal energy instead of energy drawn from greater sources, but they are few and far between. For example, sometimes if a person is in a weakened or exhausted condition, they may need an infusion of human life force so that they then have enough to begin processing more universal energies. Another example is when someone is borrowing power to do spiritual work, because the energy also contains information and guidance from the donor.

When I received the gift of energy from my friend, my focus was on getting a sample of the energy and a sense for where to look for more. Your temperament, training, and instinct guides where and how you draw energy from the universe. Over time these habits and reflexes can serve you well, but can also limit your options.  There are also times when your mental or emotional state hampers your access to the familiar, but the unfamiliar sidesteps the roadblocks. Every person, even those with many similarities, has a unique set of ways in which they draw in power. By carefully observing another person raising and moving energy, you can learn where and how they draw in energy. Think of this as like getting directions to a wellspring, or a scent to follow back to the feast, or a tuning fork with the note you need to sing a song, or a temporary member’s key to open the door.

When my friend gave me energy, I took in enough to sample it and followed it back to its source. Then I listened to the song of the energy and sang it in my mind as well. I drew upon the source, and the stream of power that came forth replenished both of us. That evening during our Winter Solstice ritual I had the energy and insights that I needed to do the work. By the next day the connection had begun to fade.  If I wanted to keep that connection, I would also need to commit to a regular honoring of Apollon as the way that I borrowed arose from my friend’s connection. Sometimes keeping a new access point to energy is simply a matter of knowing that it exists and adding it to your repertoire, and sometimes it involves making changes to your practices.

Just like sharing the Sun at the Solstice, where each receives a spark to light the way and to pass to others, the sharing of energy can lead to more for all.

Blessings, Ivo

Ivo Domínguez, Jr. has been active in the Wiccan and the pagan community since 1978 and has been teaching since 1982. He was a founding member, and past High Priest, of Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the first coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel a Wiccan Tradition. Ivo is also one of the organizers for the New Alexandrian Library. You can find him at

Ivo’s books

Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans | Casting Sacred Space

How I Discovered the Healing Power of Gentle Energy Touch

by Barbara Savin

Energy healing is a gift I knew about from an early age, yet only fully explored when my body needed healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I grew up in Coney Island in Brooklyn, and my Grandma Jenny would always do healings on my sister and me.

We would sit quietly in a chair and grandma would ask for God’s healing energy for us. She would begin at the top of our head, and in a slow sweeping motion, clear our energy and send it to either God or Mother Earth with love. Then she would lay her hands on our shoulder asking God to keep us healthy and safe. We would always feel heat and/or tingling coming from her hands and my sister and I thought grandma had magical powers. There were occasions where she would burn cloves and clear us with the smoke instead of using her healing hands. I remember grandma always saying to us: “Think positive and trust in God’s healing and always protect your energy. Always put God’s healing light around you to protect you from negativity. Never allow anyone’s words to bring you down. . . allow those words to fall to the ground.” We were never sick and would always say, “Grandma, please stop doing healing so we can get sick and stay home from school!” But she never listened. She just continued to heal and clear us.

It is May 1966, just days away from my graduation from Lafayette High School in Brooklyn. I have been looking forward to this day for years. I am graduating with honors and receiving the Mayor’s Award. I am picturing my Grandma Jenny sitting in the audience. I can imagine the pride on her face as I stand up when my name is called to receive this award. I am so excited; I plan to get a job right after graduation and buy her anything she wants. I love my grandma with all my heart. And then, I find out the worst news of my young life. At two o’clock in the morning, our family receives a phone call telling us that Grandma Jenny has died.

How I Discovered the Healing Power of Gentle Energy Touch

How could this be? She was only sixty-four. She was supposed to be alive to celebrate my most important day, and now she was gone. The news broke my heart; I felt so angry with God. Why did he take this woman who loved me so much? Why did he take her before my important day? My time with her was just beginning. I felt that this was so unfair, and the more I wept for her, the more I lost my faith and trust in God.

About two weeks later, graduation now behind me, I was alone at home when I heard a voice calling out to me. I thought this must be my imagination; only grandma called me “Babasita,” and that’s what I was hearing. I got up from the chair and began walking to the foyer. There, I saw a white cloud and heard again, softly but clearly, “Babasita.”

I said, “Grandma, Grandma, is that you?”

And she replied, “Yes, Babasita, everything is okay. Don’t be so angry, Babasita.” The closer I got to the cloud, the more clearly I could see her.

I became frightened and ran to the phone to call my mother, who was away visiting her brother. Over the phone, my mom told me I was hearing Grandma’s voice because I missed her so much. I was supposed to believe that my grief had created this entire episode. My mom and I never spoke about this again—nor any other “unnatural” experiences I had, including my ability to do healings just like my grandma.

Angry about my grandma’s death, I decided I would no longer do healings and stopped helping two of my close friends who had never made fun of my ability. I simply said to them: “I am sorry but I do not believe in God’s healing anymore.” Also, when I saw spirits or heard a voiceless voice, I would say, “You are not real, go away, and stop speaking to me. Leave me alone.” This, I thought, was my way of punishing God. However, as the years went on, my body began to break down. I was constantly sick, always stressed, working at a job I disliked plus raising two children. One day my niece Stefanie happened to see a flyer mentioning a Reiki healing circle. Neither of us knew what Reiki was, but since we were both in poor shape physically and emotionally, we decided to go to the healing circle in Staten Island.

The atmosphere there was wonderful. Everyone sang songs of love, and it was so calm and peaceful. The practitioners did Reiki work on us, and the feeling was like nothing I had experienced except with my grandma and her healings. I sat and cried and instantly knew that I had to take this up again.

From that moment on, I knew that energy healing was what I needed to do; it felt so natural to me. For the first time I understood the need to help myself heal from within. I remained focused and did self-healings at least twice a day for a month. I could feel changes even though my body pain had gotten worse. I recognized I hated and loved myself at the same time. I was going through a lot spiritually, and I realized I hadn’t forgiven my grandma as thoroughly as I thought I had. I knew I still needed to work on that part of myself. Most importantly, I had to begin loving myself for who I am at my core: a healer.

And while I also knew in my heart that I was a healer, I found it difficult to express that to others. Remember that this was 1960s New York. I recalled how my grandma would always say, “Shush, don’t tell anyone about my healings because they’ll put us away in a crazy hospital.” I knew I had intuitive abilities and was able to feel people’s energies, and I often saw or sensed spirits, but I was so afraid that people would think I was crazy if I talked about it. Meanwhile, my body was crying out for healing and for me to allow my passion and purpose to come forward. This was not an easy task, and I will say that it did not happen overnight. It took time and patience.

Barbara E. Savin is an inspirational author and speaker, Gentle Energy Touch specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Pranic Healer. In 2007, Barbara became a consultant at California Health & Longevity Institute, located on-site at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and holds the position of Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Specialist at CHLI. Barbara provides energy healing sessions, clinical and medical hypnosis for individuals, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, and guests of R4.0 of The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu. April of 2016, she will be teaching energy healing at the New York Open Center, New York. Visit her at


Spell to Increase Physical Energy

From Goddess Spells for Busy Girls by Jen McConnel


Spell to Increase Physical Energy

Sometimes, we all feel a little run-down.

Ask Sekhmet to recharge you whenever your battery is drained.

You will need:

  • A small stone (tiger’s-eye, red agate, or amber)
  • A piece of tinfoil
  1. Take the stone and set it on the tinfoil. Leave this somewhere in direct sunlight to charge. Make sure you don’t forget about the spell: you want solar energy for this, not lunar, so you need to complete the spell within one day.
  2. Before the sun sets, take the stone and cup it between your hands as if you are clapping. Imagine that you are holding a tiny sun. Lift the stone to your lips and blow on it gently, infusing it with your energy. Say, “Sekhmet, Eye of Ra, as you wear the energy of the sun upon your brow, let me too carry the sun with me. This stone is my sun.” Repeat this invocation three more times.
  3. Touch the stone to your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Say, “My solar crown is my radiance. I am radiant. I am energy. I am fire.”
  4. Cup the stone again between your hands, holding it in front of your heart center. Bow to Sekhmet, and thank her for her help. Carry the stone with you whenever you need an energy boost. Make sure you don’t bring it into the bedroom with you at night so you can sleep soundly!