Our November Titles Are Here!

Our November titles are here!

Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain

Doris E. Cohen, PhD

A dream is not just white noise, they are the secret language of our unconscious. Drawing on years of clinical experience, Cohen teaches you to recall and record your dreams, unlock the secrets of your personal dream language, interpret the meaning of your dreams, and harness the power of the brain to uncover a life of abundance, meaning, and self-awareness.

Hampton Roads Publishing

Yoga 7 Minutes a Day, 7 Days a Week

Gertrud Hirschi

Hirschi provides 7-minute yoga exercises for each day of the week. These basic exercises are organized by mythological and planetary significances for each day. For example, Monday is the day of the moon and the focus is on cleansing, introspection, and planning. By week’s end, the practitioner will have experienced full-body yoga, and every part of the body will feel energized and strong.

Conari Press

Medicine Wheel Plain & Simple

Deborah Durbin

Native Americans developed an astrological system for understanding the world and envisioning harmony in the universe. Based on animals and clans and including corresponding trees, stones, and colors, the medicine wheel is broken into 12 moons similar to the 12 signs in Western astrology.  Included is an explanation of the medicine wheel, analyses of the signs,  seasonal associations, and more.

Hampton Roads Publishing

Fairies Plain & Simple

Ralph Harvey

Fairies have enchanted humans for centuries—but are these mischievous, ethereal creatures more than just myth? There is no better guide to the fairy realm than Ralph Harvey, one of England’s foremost modern-day witches. Here he intersperses his own intriguing fairy encounters (among them, a mysterious musical interlude in an Irish valley) with succinct yet interesting introductions to fairy lore.

Hampton Roads Publishing


The Beauty of Lucid Dreaming

by Robert Waggoner

In 1981, Stephen LaBerge, PhD, reported the scientific evidence validating lucid dreaming, or the capacity to realize within a dream that you are dreaming.  Aware within a dream, you have the profoundly magical ability to make choices, direct your awareness and explore the beauty of your dreaming mind.  Reading his Psychology Today article on a cold January morning in my university library electrified me – finally someone had provided the proof for lucid dreaming!

My interest in lucid dreaming dates back to 1975, when as a high school student I taught myself how to become consciously aware of dreaming, while in the dream state, using a simple technique I cobbled together.  Since that time, I have logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams, and followed the science and practice of lucid dreaming with considerable interest.

My two books seek to help everyone understand and take advantage of this unique and special state of consciousness.  Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self (now in its ninth printing) explains the underlying principles of lucid dreaming and the incredible things that an experienced lucid dreamer can do there, while Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple (co-authored with Caroline McCready) focuses on beginners with the techniques and science of how to become lucid, stay lucid, and consciously explore.

The Beauty of Lucid Dreaming

Why would a person care to lucid dream?  For many, its extraordinary nature can bring it to the level of Maslow’s ‘peak experience’. In general, though, experienced lucid dreamers would claim that it allows you to choose from the following goals:

  1. Experiencing Joy and Freedom,
  2. Accessing Inner Creativity, and Developing Skills,
  3. Promoting Emotional Health,
  4. Promoting Physical Health,
  5. Exploring the Unconscious and Consciousness,
  6. Engaging in Spiritual Practices (e.g., meditate within a lucid dream)

Having five or six years of solitary investigation of lucid dreaming (before the evidence emerged in 1980/81) taught me many lessons about the principled nature of the dream state.  I began to grasp the underlying rules and principles, as I played around and explored the dream, lucidly aware. Years later, when I met other lucid dreamers, I felt amazed to realize that most had learnt the same basic rules and principles.

Yet I differed with many, since my investigations helped me to understand one very significant point: lucid dreamers do not completely control the lucid dream.  Importantly, lucid dreamers relate to personal symbols and psychical elements within the dream, as they direct themselves through the dreaming.  At its heart, lucid dreaming involves ‘more aware relating’ and not control.

I developed a metaphor to make the point:  The sailor does not control the sea, neither does the lucid dreamer control the dream.  Like a sailor on the sea, lucid dreamers must learn to relate to many forces (internal and external) within the dreaming. 

When you see lucid dreaming as ‘more aware relating,’ then you learn to respect the power and majesty of dreaming, and honor it.   You become more observant, more considerate and more engaged with the heart of the experience – the profound exploration of self/Self.

Lucid wishes on your journey of awareness!

Robert Waggoner is a past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and a graduate of Drake University with a degree in psychology. He is the coeditor of the online journal, Lucid Dreaming Experience and is a frequent speaker at national and international dream conferences. He shares his love for lucid dreaming, creative fulfillment and personal growth at online workshops (www.glidewing.com) and events internationally.  He is the author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. Visit him at www.lucidadvice.com.




Believing in Our Dreams

by Eileen Campbell

Do you have a dream that you want to realize?  Is it truly your dream, by which I mean does it come from the essence of who you truly are?  It had better do, because only then can you find the passion and determination to achieve it.

How do we discover what we truly want – not what our parents, or teachers, or peers influenced us to pursue?  We know with our heart, not with our heads.  As we develop awareness and gain self-knowledge, greater clarity about our goals comes and we have an authentic sense of what our ambition is.  We feel a sense of destiny, and know that it is we alone who are responsible for making the best choices for ourselves.  Energized, we’re inspired and motivated by the Source of life within us – that same force that the poet Dylan Thomas described as, ‘the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.’

Believing in Your Dreams

If our dream turns out to be about more than achieving something just for ourselves, some higher purpose that benefits others, we are helped in some mysterious way by Ralph Waldo Trine’s ‘ thousand unseen hands’.

Patanjali, the Indian philosopher from around the second century BC, wrote in his Yoga Sutras:

‘…when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break your bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.  Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.’

We find the courage to take risks and to use our imagination, our intuition, and our creativity.  Creating a vision of how we want our lives to be is like using a map when we’re traveling.  As the Sufi master, Pir Vilayat Khan wrote: ‘The future is not there waiting for us. We create it by the power of the imagination.’

There’s a well-known story about three men working in a quarry cutting blocks of stone.  A passer-by asks the first man what he is doing.  He replies, ‘I’m cutting stone.’  The second man answers the same question with, ‘I’m earning a living.’  The third man has a different answer to the same question, ‘I’m building a cathedral.’  This man is motivated by a vision that goes way beyond his personal needs.  He is building something of enormous importance and great beauty for his community now and for future generations.

Commitment to making our dream a reality, discipline and patience to see us through any obstacles, and the ability to be willing to accept and release what the end result may be, since we don’t have total control, are also part and parcel of achieving our dream.

Eileen Campbell is a writer of inspirational books, including a successful series of anthologies described by the media as “treasures of timeless wisdom,” which sold collectively around 250,000 copies. She has studied with a variety of teachers from different traditions and brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to her books. She is known for her pioneering and visionary career as a self-help and spirituality publishers, and has also written and presented for BBC Radio 2 and 4. She currently devotes her energies to yoga, writing, and gardening. She lives in England. Visit her at http://www.eileencampbellbooks.com.


It’s a New Year; Break out the New You!

A new year has arrived, and so have the endless resolutions. This year, consider goals beyond the “lose 10 lbs” or “cut back spending” and go beyond. It’s a New Year, time to break out the New You.

Here are some tips to make 2014 the year you be the change.

1. Be compassionate: For every person, this might be a little different. For one person, this could mean volunteering at the local neighborhood shelter, while for others it could be helping an elderly person carry groceries to their car. Find the compassion in you.

2. Discover how to interpret your dreams and what they could be telling you.

3. Explore how quantum physics can teach you about spirituality and your soul.

4. Learn the secrets of Sex Magick from a master practitioner.

5. Set aside ‘you-time’ (at least 15 minutes) and do something that you love during that time.

6. Learn to access the library of your soul, and play around there too!

7. Remember that your approval is the only approval you need (at least when it comes to yourself!)

8. Awaken your senses to the world around you.

9. Savor some sage words on what is really valuable in today’s world.

Now you’re ready to take on 2014!