A Conversation with Mike Herbert, ND

Mike Herbert, ND, answers questions about his book, Stay Healthy During Chemo.

What are the 5 steps a patient can take to stay healthy during chemo?

  • Step 1: Change your thinking and develop an attitude focused on healing (the emotional framework.)
  • Step 2: Detoxify to promote healing from the inside out.
  • Step 3: Eat the best foods to create a healing chemistry in your body.
  • Step 4: Supplement your diet correctly to support the healing momentum.
  • Step 5: Exercise and rest to speed the healing process.

Why is nutrition a critical part of staying healthy during chemotherapy?

Nutrition supports all cells. When undergoing chemotherapy, our body requires nutritional support more than ever to protect the healthy cells and vital organs. Optimal health starts with correct nutrition because what we eat changes the body’s chemistry and the environment where the cancer is living. Change is needed for a positive outcome.

Why are most cancer patients placed on a non-restricted diet by their nutritionist or oncologist?

Most people lose weight during the chemotherapy process and oncologist often recommend high-calorie foods like milkshakes and pasta. These may keep the person from losing weight, but does not help the healing process towards being cancer free. It’s always best to eat foods that have high nutritional value, not just high in calories.

Why is it critical to eliminate sugars from your diet before, during and after chemotherapy?

Sugar is cancer food; it feeds cancer cells. Medical science has known for decades that sugar is fast energy for cells and speeds up the cellular duplication process. To reverse this process, it’s best to avoid all sugar sources and foods that turn into sugar like simple carbohydrates.

What do you recommend to eat and drink on days a patient is having a chemo treatment?

Eating the right foods is crucial for optimal health even on a chemo day. I recommend easy to digest foods like steamed veggies with brown rice or quinoa and large amounts of liquids, like green tea, peppermint tea, or purified water. Drinking a half a gallon to a gallon of water-like liquids flushes out toxins that may otherwise stay in the body.

What are some of your favorite recipes in the book?

It’s hard to narrow down 100-plus recipes to just a few personal favorites. My top picks are: The Blueberry Smoothie, Lentil Squash soup, Mediterranean spinach with pine nuts and raisins, Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw, Chia and Banana Pudding, and soft almond cookies are tasty and nutritious.

Mike Herbert is a PhD naturopath with more than 15 years in practice as a wellness consultant, with a particular emphasis on nutrition and natural healing. When his life was touched by cancer, he turned his full attention to investigating cutting-edge studies on the link between cancer and nutrition. He is the author of Stay Healthy During Chemo.


Our January Titles Are Here!

It’s a new year, time to kick it off with some new titles!

Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple9781573246415

Robert Waggoner and Caroline McCready

Aimed at beginners, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple shows the reader how to enter and fully experience lucid dreaming. Among the amazing things Waggoner and McCready teach readers are how to:

  • consciously decide what actions to perform
  • explore dream space (or the contents of your subconscious)
  • interact with dream figures
  • conduct personal and scientific experiments
  • be free of waking state limitations (e.g. flying, walking through walls)

This book approaches lucid dreaming from a more cognitive psychology stance, and focuses more on how to lucid dream and how to use lucid dream techniques for person growth, insight and transformation.

(Conari Press)

9781573246408_strokeYou Can Say NO to Chemo

Laura Bond

“Very well written and non-technical, [this book is] an excellent source of information. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan V. Wright, MD, author of Natural Hormone Replacement and founder of The Tahoma Clinic

This is a book about choices – for all cancer sufferers and their families. It’s about making good choices based on information and not fear. It’s also a treasure trove of top information about alternatives to chemotherapy and an easy and fascinating read. Bond spoke with over 60 of the world’s leading cancer specialists and holistic healers who were getting remarkable results with everything from hydrogen peroxide therapies, juiced cannabis, high-dose vitamin C injections, coffee enemas (Gerson Method), eliminating sugar from the diet, drink green vegetable juices, and infrared saunas. You Can Say NO to Chemo is a great and inspiring read for anyone wanting to explore alternative options, build their body’s own resource to heal and restore itself, or find ways to supplement conventional care.

(Conari Press)


R.U. Sirius with Jay Cornell9781938875090

“Sure-footed guides through the treacherous landscapes of infinite possibility, RU Sirius and Jay Cornell are lucid, witty, and stealthily profound. Transcendence is a refreshingly pro-human report on transhumanism and the ‘Rapture of the Nerd.'” – Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

Transhumanism is an international movement that advocates the use of science and technology to overcome the “natural” limitations experienced by humanity, through such developments as:

  • The Singularity – the creation of machine intelligences that exceed the capacities of our biological brains
  • the ability to replicate individual minds and put them into solid-state bodies or virtual environments
  • individual control over mental and emotional states for enhancing functionalities and/or ecstasies

Some of this is happening now, while some is still in the minds of dreamers. In nearly ninety A-Z entries, Transcendence provides a multi-layered look at the accelerating advances in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, genomics, space exploration, robotics along with other topics. It introduces the culture around Transhumanism, covering all the geeky obsessions of the Transhumanist movement.

(Disinformation Books)