Blood, Sex, and a Killer Sense of Style – Vampires, Real & Reel

… so no, we’re not talking about pretty boys that sparkle in sunlight and have an overdeveloped sense of chivalry. Were talking about the other ones; blood-drinkers, energy feeders and lifestyle vampires – morally ambigious and dead sexy. Once you’ve moved past the romantic idealism of (let’s just say it) virginal youth – you might begin to notice that nice isn’t sexy – it’s sweet and heartwarming, cozy and safe, but not sexy. Bad is sexy. Mysterious is sexy. Forbidden is … off the charts sexy. Real vampires are for grown ups. Which is why a show such as True Blood can be as sanguine and explicit as it is and still be both a critical and popular success.  One other thing that “nice”  is not… interesting.

When Trip Advisor asked around about the most popular Halloween party destinations, the number one choice was The Endless Night Vampire Ball in New Orleans. Hosted by Vamp Celeb Father Sebastiaan, this party comes with a very strick dress code and rules of conduct, all laid out in a published Manifesto that participants are encouraged to read before purchasing their tickets. No one under 18 is admitted and for good reason. The organizers of this event (and it’s sister events in NYC, Chicago, Miami and Paris) are committed to the vampire lifestyle – with all that that implies. If you wonder what I’m talking about, check out Sebastiaan’s Vampire Girls project with the understanding that this is the tamer, public side of the vampire lifestyle – a little digging around Sebastiaan’s many websites and you’ll find some candids that are truly NSFW! Delicious as all this may be, what makes Sebastiaan and the whole Endless Night scene truly interesting is a commitment to more than just sex and high-Goth fashion. Sebastiaan is a member of the Strigoi Vii – a vampire family that dates its lineage to Pharonic  Egypt. It has houses worldwide, bound by a common culture that includes religious Mysteries and a system of philosophy that finds its roots in both ancient esoteric tradition (Eastern and Western) and modern chaos magick. Vampirism of this sort is a lifestyle movement truly worthy of the term – incorporating both the physical and the spirtual, the superficial and the profound. Real vampires are sexy, and real sexy is about more than leather and fangs.

If you want to know more about the Strigoi Vii, check out Father Sebastiaan’s Vampyre Sanguinomicon.

And for those of you who can’t make it down to New Orleans for the real thing, have your own Endless Night with a bottle of  True Blood and a dvd queue. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

True Blood – the HBO series has completed its 3rd season leaving fans thirsty for more – graphic and absolutely engrossing!

The Hunger – Bowie, Deneuve, Sarandon and a killer opening by Bauhaus – if you haven’t seen this movie I question your commitment to 80’s urban-goth cool!

Let the Right One In – not sexy (definitely not)  but probably the best vampire movie I’ve ever seen  – terrifying, plausible, and heartbreaking.

Dracula – the Frank Langella version is a hot 70’s mess – with emphasis on the hot.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – the accents are terrible and the acting is worse, but Gary Oldman is mesmerizing as the tortured Prince Vlad and hands down my favorite on-screen Count!

Have a favorite vampire movie – share it here!