“The State is Out of Date” Excerpts on Reality Sandwich

Gregory Sams, author of The State is Out of Date, has been featured in a four-part series on Reality Sandwich with excerpts from his book. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look, we’ve included each of the links below, as well as a short snippet of the final excerpt that was just posted this week.

Enjoy, and make sure to take a look around Reality Sandwich’s site as well!

Excerpt from Part 4: The Drugs Problem

“The Drug War is fueled by the fact that at this historic moment . . . our politicians are suffering from enemy deprivation. Faced with the real problems of urban decay, slipping global competitiveness, and a deterio­rating educational system, the government has decided instead to turn its energies toward the sixty million Americans who use illegal psychoactive drugs. – Timothy Leary, advocate of psychedelics, 1920–1996

The primary problem with drugs is that they are illegal and/or state-controlled. This counter-evolutionary state control of substances that we ingest for other than nutritional purposes is the root cause of virtually all the problems that people are concerned about in connection with drugs, drug abuse, and drug-related crime. Sure, all drugs have potential problems if abused. But we are human beings and we are able to make judgments about these things, and treat them with respect and caution—just as we must when we drive vehicles, have sex, or buy food from street vendors. Cannabis, magic mushrooms, peyote, opium, coca leaf extracts, and alcohol were all legal at the end of the nineteenth century, when only alcohol was regarded as a major social problem. A century later, we find that alcohol is the only consciousness-altering drug that remains legal, and it remains a major social problem.”

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