Bookstores We Love – Namaste Bookshop

We are very excited for our latest addition to the blog, Bookstores We Love, a feature dedicated to our independent bookstores! Our next store featured is Namaste Bookshop!

Namaste Bookshop is such a wondrous place filled with spiritual books, crystals, candles, oils, music, statues, jewelry, incense and so much more. The most extraordinary gift of this shop though, are the people that work here.


The moment you walk into the shop from 14th Street, which is one of the most bustling streets in Manhattan, you can feel the difference immediately.  The tranquility and soothing music envelopes you and puts you at ease, as you are embraced by the attentive staff, who are more than eager to help and assist you in what ever you need. This staff is comprised of passionate teachers of Reiki, meditation, crystal energy, Tarot, Numerology, Theology, Esoteric studies and again, much more. There is love and sincere consideration for the clientele of Namaste.


These amazing services and contributions are not only offered in the shop on 14th Street but also at the Namaste Bookshop Healing Center, which is just around the corner on 5th Avenue. There are book signings, lectures, meditation circles, Reiki treatments and classes, the Spiritual Book club, crystal classes and psychic readers giving their services every day of the week.

Namaste Bookshop is not just a spiritual book store but a family of passionate teachers, inspirational instructors, located in an oasis of peace and enchantment in the incredible city of New York.


Connect with Namaste Bookshop!

Website | Facebook  | Instagram

2 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

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