Many Lives, Many Experiences

by Krys and Jass Godly

When you first embark on discovering your previous incar­nations, it is tempting to hope for a lifetime in which you were a great and famous person. In our experience, this rarely happens. There have been very many more ordinary people than famous ones, and the ratio of ordinary to famous is enormous. Based on the laws of probability, it is highly unlikely that you were one of the few famous ones. However, looking at your past lives is not about being famous or whether a previous incarnation has been written about in history books. What is important to recog­nize is that each incarnation that a soul experiences is a chapter in the book of that soul’s journey. In one incarnation you may be rich; in another you may be reasonably comfortable or even extremely poor. From each life, you learn something that your soul takes with it beyond the end of that physical life and into the next life.

Before you start your journey of self-discovery through your previous incarnations, you may wonder whether you have been rich or poor in past lives. Have you also wondered about being a different gender in past lives than you are in this lifetime? Living as male in some lives and female in others and having a wide variety of roles and experiences gives your soul a great opportunity to appreciate life from many different aspects. Therefore, whether you are male or female this time around, you have probably been both several times before. Able-bodied or disabled? You have probably experienced much of both before as well. Whether you are European, Australian, Asian, North or South American, Middle Eastern, or African, you have experienced life in other cultures before. You may well find that you have lived many different lives, thus giving your soul the opportunity to experience a diverse range of capabilities and control over your own life—or the lack of it.

It is also likely that you have experienced a variety of roles and responsibilities in your various lifetimes. Imagine lifetimes as a milkmaid, a laborer, a powerful property owner, a cook, an artist, a scientist, a law enforcer, a farmer, a nun, a priest, or a sailor. These are just a few of the roles that you may have experienced. In some lifetimes, you may have been playing a supporting role for another soul. In this kind of incarnation, you may not have experienced much opportunity for personal growth. It is a little like thinking of a life as a play. Occasionally you take a supporting role rather than the lead. In most of your lifetimes, you will be the lead, and there will be supporting actors to help you with your life challenges, but none of us exists in a vacuum, so you will also have played a supporting role in other lifetimes in order to help others along their path. That will certainly also be the case in this lifetime.

Each lifetime gives you a unique opportunity to live that life to the full, to develop your positive characteristics and qualities and to overcome your challenges. What matters is not the person you have been or the amount of power or wealth you have had, but what you did, how you did it, how you related to other people, and how you made the most of your opportunities for your own soul to grow and develop.

Before you embark on your personal journey of discovery, be open to the different types of lives that you might have had. Being open to the possibilities will prevent you from putting a limit on the incarnations you can access. If you believe, for example, that you only could have been wealthy and influential, that belief will limit you from experiencing the true range of your past lives. Experiencing your full personal variety of incarnations has the effect of helping you to understand that we really are all one big community and that in any lifetime you could have been in anyone else’s position. Really feeling this can be a massive revelation to you if you have not thought this way before.

Why Look At Previous Lives?

There are many reasons why you may be drawn to look into your previous incarnations. You could be experiencing ongoing health challenges, fears or phobias, relationship or intimacy problems, or financial or property issues that are connected to a previous incarnation. These may have been carried through to this current life for you to finally reconcile. Alternatively, you may be fascinated by a particular period in time or a particular part of the world or a cul­ture that you have not experienced in this lifetime; that means that it is likely that you lived during that time or in that culture in the past. Some people are merely curious about who they might have been during previous incarnations, the lives they lived and the family and friends who were around them.

Have I Been Here Before?

The fact that you have chosen to read this book means that, for you, the answer to this question is “yes.” It’s because you have lived before that you have been drawn to read a book such as this, so you can be sure that something you read here will resonate with you. Our view is that there are very, very small numbers of new souls generated from what we call the Source, which others may refer to as God, the Divine, the Great Spirit, or the Creator. For this reason, the majority of us have lived at least one previous life.

Will I Be Here Again?

The answer to this question varies. It may be that you are reaching the end of your human incarnations; you may have learned everything you need to from this unique and beautiful planet of ours, and you may be ready to ascend to the higher spirit realms. Alternatively, one of two things may happen: You may still be on your soul journey and therefore will come back and learn more after a stay in the discarnate world at the end of this lifetime, or you may remain in the discarnate world and enter the higher spirit realms, where you will have a greater understanding of the mean­ing, reality, and diversity of human life. So enjoy the wonderful opportunities there are for us as humans to live, laugh, and love and, especially, to learn and grow.

Will I Be the Same as I Am Now?

You may or may not be the same as you are now. You will still be you, but you may come back in a different gender, and you may or may not repeat some of the things that you’ve done in your current life. Indeed, there may be some themes that carry on from life to life.

Looking back over previous lives will show whether that will prove to be the case with you or not. Your friends and relatives may still be with you, but in a different pattern; for example, a friend may become a sister, or a brother may become a father, uncle, or son. You may do some things differently, possibly because the circumstances of your future life will be different from the current one or because you may have learned something useful from the previous life and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Excerpted from Reincarnation, Plain & Simple by Krys and Jass Godly


Krys and Joss Godly are psychic mediums. They live in England.

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