How to Tell If You’re Tuning Into Spiritual Guidance

As you start building a relationship with your spirit guides, your ego will try to discourage and dissuade you. It wants to maintain the status quo, keeping you stuck in fear rather than growing spiritually and personally.

Because of this, you may often hear the voice of your ego rather than your guides. How do you tell the difference?

How to Tell if You’re Tuning Into Spiritual Guidance

The ego is loud. Your guidance is quiet.

The ego can’t sit or stay sill for very long. As soon as you ask a question, it’s typically going to jump out of its chair, stick its nose in your face and tell you exactly what it thinks, often in the loudest and most insistent voice possible. Messages from Spirit, on the other hand, often float in like a breeze. They’re soft, gentle and still, and they feel light, like a feather that’s just passing through your awareness.

Your guidance is always a voice for love.

Your guidance will always speak from kindness and compassion. It will not direct you to act out of fear. This isn’t to say that it won’t encourage you to do something that makes you nervous. You’ll often feel this way because the guides are nudging you to grow. But they won’t encourage you to dislike, disrespect, or hate someone, to carry a grudge or to lash out in any way. Their guidance will always be in alignment with divine love.

Guidance is judgment free.

When Spirit speaks, you can listen without getting defensive because you know you’re not being attacked. Guides convey messages without judgment, blame, anger or coercion. They speak the truth and leave it that. Then it’s up to us to accept it and learn from it…or not. If we don’t, they’ll generously arrange for another opportunity.

Debra Engle is the author of The Only Little Prayer You Need and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak. You can find her on Facebook and at and at her blog “Everyday Miracles.”

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