Bookstores We Love! – Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis

We are very excited to launch our newest addition to the blog, Bookstores We Love, a feature dedicated to our independent bookstores! Our first store featured is Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis. 

Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis


Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis has been serving our wonderful, unique and always interesting clientele for over 36 years in Denver, Colorado.  We started out very small in 1980, renting one side of a small duplex and now, since 2007, we own our building of 6,000 square feet.  Our building was originally a mortuary built in the 1920’s.  As we were looking for a building to purchase, we stumbled upon our location and really liked the fact that its rectangular, free standing shape was much like so many traditional Egyptian temples, up to and including pillars across the front facade.  When we went inside and saw the lotus flower stained glass skylights, we knew we had found the right space for our amazing store.

We are sometimes asked if our building is haunted.  Of course, a mortuary is simply a temporary resting place for someone’s physical remains, not a place they get attached to, so we don’t have more than the normal amount of activity that any older building tends to experience – but we do have Ernie, the caretaker who worked in the building for over 60 years.  He’s out of body now, but he keeps an eye on things for us.

The front counter at Isis Books.

Since our inception, we have offered a multitude of workshops and classes, psychic readings and alternative healers.   Information, education and empowerment are essential components of what we at Isis Books seek to encourage and foster in our diverse spiritual community.  Enriching our spiritual communities by the sharing of wisdom and providing tools for spiritual development is a big part of our mission.  We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the Source.  We honor and respect all life-affirming, positive paths.  We sum up this belief in our tag line ‘Tools for Your Soul’s Journey’.  And we celebrate this conviction by showcasing our diversity of book titles which represent so many spiritual paths along with our sacred statuary, music, herbs, essential oils, stones and more.

The Dream and Astrology section (l) and the Eastern section (r)

Our customers love this diversity of cultures, world views and products, spending hours at our store exploring and discovering new things.  We feel very lucky to be located in the Denver metro area with its accepting, educated and always curious population.  Our angel customers share with our Wiccan customers; our Shamanic folks share knowledge and stories with our Asatru folks.   The majority of our customers also believe that everyone has the right to their own form of spiritual expression and enjoy learning about different pathways to the Divine.

One of the things that we have loved over the years has been watching our customers’ families grow up.  People who have shopped with us since 1980 often come in with their children.  Those children are now grown and bring in their kids and grandkids, so we have had the delight of being a part of 3 or 4 generations of spiritual families during the time that we have been serving our community.

Many people have remarked that Isis Books feels like an eye of calm in the middle of the city.  In addition to coming by to shop, we also have quite a few people who drop by just to chill after a stressful day.  They tell us that they love the sense of peace and serenity they feel as soon as they enter the store.  As one of our favorite Weiser authors, Christopher Penczak, describes us, “Part library, part apothecary and part temple, Isis has all the tools you might need, whatever path or tradition you follow.”

The Tarot section

In a time when our world is in such a state of constant tumultuous change, words can take on alternate meanings and that has certainly been the case with the name of our store.  In November, 2015 our large street sign with our name Isis in all capital letters was severely damaged by rocks and bricks by a person who apparently flunked their junior high mythology class and mistook us as a shopfront for terrorists.   We posted briefly about the damage on our Facebook page and the ensuing show of support and love was overwhelming.  Over the next couple of weeks, our Facebook page had over 600,000 views and tens of thousands of shares.  We did TV interviews on all our local news stations and did radio interviews for stations across the country as well as for Australian, British, Russian and French news sites.  In the interviews we had the opportunity to explain who Isis really is, what our store is about and give a ‘shout out’ to our amazing, supportive community.   So as a result of a sad incident, we connected in an even stronger way with our wonderful customers and got the word out about our store in ways we would never have been able to afford through advertising.

Isn’t it fun living in a magickal world?

Connect with Isis Books!

Website | Facebook | Twitter 

2775 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113


One thought on “Bookstores We Love! – Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis

  1. Such a great idea to feature amazing independent bookstores. As both a publisher (in my former career) and as a published writer now, independent bookstores have been my life-blood. A real service to humanity, long may these bookstores keep going. Thank you so much for all the wonderful books that have come my way and helped me on my spiritual path.

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