Suggested Brigid Rituals for Springtime

by Courtney Weber

Most years at about this time, I find myself wanting to claw my way out of a bubble-coat cocoon, but this year I’m finding myself wishing for just one more snowfall. It was a gentle winter for most of U.S., where I live! In fact, a Twitter-friend just posted that it’s nearly 80 degrees in Wichita, Kansas! I haven’t quite gotten my fix of snuggling by the radiator. Still, Spring is upon us! Even if the seasonal shift won’t be felt as deeply this year in some parts of the world, it’s still a blessed opportunity to welcome new energies and blessings into our lives.

My primary Goddess is Brigid. I even wrote a book about Her last year. Brigid has typically been associated as synonymous with Springtime—but more so the early spring, when the snow is still deep on the ground. The days have been growing longer since the Winter Solstice, but in early February, it was finally noticeable.

Springtime is often considered a time for planting. But even if you can’t plant (my yard is a potted plant in my kitchen), there are other ways to embrace the advent of Spring. This is a time to slough off the winter doldrums and shake the places where we are feeling stagnant.

Brigid is a Goddess of many things, but one of them is renewal. She is the early Spring sun melting the snow on the land, and She is the warm catalyst that encourages us to move when we’ve become far too comfortable in stillness. She wakes us from our symbolic hibernations and pushes us back into the world. She is the sign of the end of the chill and the promise of warmth returning.

Suggested Brigid Rituals for Springtime

A suggested ritual

If weather or location permits, it’s best to do an outside working. If you don’t have access to an outside area, sit by an open window. Breathe in the early spring air. Envision Brigid waving Her wand over the cold, hibernating world. Ask Brigid to show you what She hopes to awaken in you. Say internally or say aloud, “Brigid, as you stirred the frost at Imbolc, may the frost flee from me….”

Repeat this until you feel it to be true. Bless and honor the things that need to leave your life. Breathe deeply again and know the spring will bring warmth to these cold places.

Another option

 It’s spring-cleaning time! As Brigid was one who gave to the poor, go through your closets and give away gently used but still-good clothing to friends or to charity. Consider taking the spare change you find in your couch or around your home and donating that to someone in need. Wash your floors and/or vacuum your carpets and while you do so, offer a prayer to Brigid: Brigid, release stagnation and illness. Brigid, plant growth and health.

One more option!

If you dye Easter eggs (and you should, even if you’re not Christian! I sure do! It’s fun.), color them in colors that represent things that you want to see grow in your life. Perhaps red or pink for love, green for money or health, blue for peace, yellow for friendship or “warmth” or a light to guide the way. Weave a Brigid’s cross (instructions can be found at this link) and create a centerpiece with the eggs and the cross. Offer a prayer to Brigid to grow the things in your life that you’ve reflected in the eggs.

Whatever you do, have fun with it.

 Brigid is not a Goddess who stands on formality, but She is a Goddess who rewards creativity and innovation. Be careful of promises you make (In my book I talk about the strange journey I had in writing a book because I promised I would write a book to Brigid and then promptly forgot my promise). Brigid is often seen as a warm and comforting Goddess and yes, those aspects of Her are true. But She is also one that will make us keep our words and push us to do better for ourselves and others. For growth to occur, we must commit to work and planting the potential in ourselves. The Goddess, none of the Gods or Goddesses, are buttons or Magickal Santa Clauses just handing out stuff we want. Know that in making a ritual for growth to happen in your life, you are not only asking the Gods for it, but you are committing to make the changes, yourself. Brigid will remember and she will hold you to it, but you will be the better for it so don’t hold back!

Courtney Weber is a Priestess, writer, Tarot advisor, activist and practicing Witch in New York City. Her writing has appeared in several publications and she blogs at and on (“Behind the Broom: What the Books Don’t Tell You”). She is the designer and producer of Tarot of the Boroughs, a photographic Tarot deck set in New York City. Courtney lecturers regularly around the United States and travels to Ireland frequently, leading tours of the sacred sites.



One thought on “Suggested Brigid Rituals for Springtime

  1. Jessica O.

    Hi Courtney: I was born in the Spring (late Spring), so it was wonderful to read about Brigid. Thank you for sharing her with us and providing us with a potential path for renewal. I love egg dying, so I’ll definitely make the effort to dye some beautiful eggs this year. From your link to your book on Brigid I see she is a Celtic Goddess. My genealogy is not Scottish, will Brigid still answer my prayers?

    Have a good trip! We’ll miss you on the East Coast.

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