When a White Christmas Turns Blue: Surviving Grief During the Holidays

Do you know someone working to overcome grief during the holidays? Check out Ashley Davis Bush’s great blog post on Huffington Post! 

Here’s a little snippet of it.

While everyone seems festive and joyful, you’re feeling blue — downcast and sad — weighed down by grief. It can feel extremely lonely when your heart is heavy with sorrow but those around you are expecting you to smile and be happy. If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, it is anything but “the most wonderful time of the year.”

There may be many reasons to feel stressed during the holidays, but grief brings its own brand of challenges. If you’re grieving this year and are wondering how you’ll survive the season, use the following six suggestions to ease the way.

Just Say “No”
Although friends and family members may expect you to be the same this year, clearly you are not. That means you need to reflect on your traditions and – for this year, at least – say ‘no’ to anything that feels too overwhelming or painful. You may not want to put up a tree. You may be unable to send holiday cards. You may be completely unmotivated to bake your holiday cookies. It doesn’t matter if your loved ones understand. You need to take care of yourself. Give yourself a break this year and only do things that provide some comfort. You have permission to say “no, no, no” instead of “ho ho ho”.

That said, if you have to carry on with some customs for the sake of others, ask for help and make easier choices like shopping online or purchasing baked goods.

Read more here: “When a White Christmas Turns Blue: Surviving Grief During the Holidays”

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