A Q&A with Dr. Rita Louise

Rita Louise PhD, answers some of our questions about her book, The E.T. Chronicles.

What inspired you to write The E.T. Chronicles?
It was the fall of 2012 that shows regarding the Mayan Calendar and the “end of the world” started appearing on television. They would talked about the Mayan prophecy and then went on to state that similar stories appeared in cultures around the world. That got our curiosity going and we started to dig into what other cultures had to say and what they shared was amazing…

In your investigation of mythology did you uncover anything that took you by surprise?
When looking at mythology from a global perspective the parallels and similarities of the stories the told was startling. There were stories of a flood, narratives of a great war, tales of the sun, moon and stars being put in the sky, ones about the creation of the world and of humanity itself. It was not that they had these tales, but instead, that the flow, the people involved and the details associated with them all appeared as if they were telling the same story. Granted there were variations to storyline, but the basic theme they had were undeniably the same.

In general terms, what was the focus of your investigation? 9781571747167
We looked at myths for around the world, looking for parallels and consistent storylines. We realized that each piece we uncovered added a slightly different aspect to a much grander story. Our goal was to let their voices be heard so that they could tell their tale of our ancient history. ET Chronicles begins with “In the beginning” and concludes with the advent of civilization and writing.

When you use the word God or Gods, what do you mean?
In contemporary western society we believe in an omnipotent creator God who formed the universe as we know it. Who or what this is, is unknown to us. This God was known by our ancient ancestors and just as mysterious to them as he or it is to us. In ET Chronicles many of the stories revolved around another group of “gods”. These were not the God of creation but something else. These gods could be seen. They interacted with humanity. They were a warring group who fought with each other vying for control of Earth.

How did you determine that the Gods were not omnipotent?
When with think of God, we believe that God can manifest anything he/she/it wants. God is timeless, does not die and knows what is in our hearts. The gods of myth, unlike the creator God, utilized machines to fly around it and cloaks to make themselves invisible. They had weapons of mass destruction and utilized tools, machines and other high-tech devices. These gods could even be killed. Not very “God like”.

If the gods are extraterrestrial, where did they come from and how did they get here?
The only direct myth that associates the gods with a star system comes from the Dogon who state that the gods came to the Earth in a “cosmic egg” from the Sirius star system. While we have not uncovered any other direct claim to a region of space, references to Orion, the Pleiades and Draco are common.

How far back in time do you think these myths go?
We believe that this group of extraterrestrials came to our solar system some 4.5 billion years ago and were directly responsible for terraforming the Earth.

Are there any other areas which seem to indicate that “hand of god” was involved with the development of life on this planet?
There are a number of things in the world that we take for granted these days. The advent of agriculture and the domesticated animals all show clear signs of the hand of god at work. For example, despite all of our technical advances, humanity has not “domesticated” an animal for almost 5000 years, yet our ancestors within that same period (5000 years) domesticated all of the animals we know of today.

What about the Bible. Does it have any relevance to what we are talking about today?
Stories that come from the Bible, especially the opening of the book of Genesis, parallel creation mythology that has come down to us from cultures around the world. Granted, they have edited out all of the other gods that appear in other groups mythological history, but the storyline and the flow of the narrative are congruent.

Have you discovered any parallels between mythology and modern UFOlogy?
There are countless parallels that we encounter when looking at mythology and modern UFOlogy. My favorite is the concept of reptilians in underground bases. Myth consistently talks about a group of gods that appear as 1/2 man, 1/2 serpent (reptilian?) who live in the depths of the earth. They fought a battle with the “sky gods” who appear humanoid. The sky gods won the war and the 1/2 man, 1/2 serpent gods were banished to the depths of the earth. Stories of a group of reptilian extraterrestrials are found in modern UFO circles.

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