Rest in Peace, Mukunda Stiles

In late February, one of our most beloved authors Mukunda Stiles passed away. In addition to being a leader in the yoga and aruvyedic community and an outstanding author, he was a genuine person who put both loving kindness and humor into his work. I was fortunate enough to work with Mukunda on his last book, Tantra Yoga Secrets, and he was more than just “easy” to work with. He offered suggestions, great patience with me as I tried to decipher the “key selling points” of this deep spiritual work, and humor and kindness as we worked on the editing and book making process. He has left a legacy that will live in the mind, body, and spirit of his many students, and will be sorely missed. The following is his obituary from his beautiful wife and true soul mate Chinnamasta. Please light a candle and think of Mukunda, and in his memory, offer kindness to a total stranger today. ~Amber Guetebier, editor, on behalf of all of us at Weiser Books.

“We are also blessings to all beings in the worlds, known and unknown.” – Mukunda Stiles


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