The Residual Light of Lady Olivia Robertson

We All Shine On

lady olivia
It is with great sadness and undying respect that we mourn the passing of Lady Olivia Robertson and celebrate the light she brought into this world. I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to meet Lady Olivia at a group Solstice ritual held in my home court of Nevada County and again on a subsequent trip when I found myself wandering the hills and dales of Ireland on a soul-seeking and life changing trip. Other than drinking massive amounts of Guinness and writing messy poetry in my journal, my purpose in Ireland held some direction, as I had been asked to deliver a gift sent by the local Fellowship of Isis in Nevada City, from Our Lady of the Yuba. I did visit Lady Olivia in her home  and was able to deliver the offerings directly to an altar there. The castle was magnificent, it’s gray stone and emerald grounds hovering forever in my memory, the rabbit warren of altars in the basement, the scent of incense, fire-smoke, earth. Lady Olivia was an absolute embodiment of the Goddess, and touched all who met her with her divine but very matter-of-fact love. And this is surely residual, in all the places she has been and will be, from the shores of the Yuba River to the Irish Sea, from castle walls to public halls.

In love and light,

~Amber Guetebier, Weiser Books Editor, on behalf of all of Red Wheel Weiser

Photo credit: Fellowship of Isis

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