Something Witchy This Way Comes

Are you excited about this Fall’s influx of witches on TV? We at Weiser Books sure are, and here’s our Weiser Fall TV guide to all things witchy. Sound off in the comments below which ones you’re looking forward to the most, what you think of their teaser trailers and pilots, and which witchy tv shows you think will disappear in a puff of smoke. Or, did we miss any witchy shows?

1. The Witches of East End

Based on the series by NYT bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz, The Witches of East End looks like a fun and sexy adaptation about three modern day witches (and their witch aunt makes four) just trying to navigate the magic and mundane of everyday life. It’s unclear from the trailer if the series will delve into the Norse plot points of the books, but we’re nonetheless excited to see where it goes.


2. American Horror Story: Coven

Not all witches are good… It looks like the third installment of the American Horror Story series will be “Coven” about witches descended from Salem who gather for schooling at a creepy house in New Orleans. These witches look anything but friendly, but maybe that’s just an assumption based on how the previous two seasons of American Horror Story has come up with some dark and twisted characters. It looks like these witches are under attack and need to work together. Teamwork!


3. The Originals

Speaking of witches under attack, The Vampire Diaries spin-off series is decidedly witch-centric too. The vampires in New Orleans have kept the witches afraid and powerless for years, but it looks like these Nawlins witches are tired of getting bossed around by a bunch of bloodsucking bullies. Cue some voodoo aid and some covens of witches who know how to better keep nature in balance than the undead do.


4. Sleepy Hollow

You might have thought Sleepy Hollow, the show about the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane being resurrected in modern day New York wouldn’t really have witches… but it turns our the headless horseman is just a pawn in a witchy scheme. Sleepy Hollow has two covens, one good, one evil. Who will win?


2 thoughts on “Something Witchy This Way Comes

  1. Yes! Halloween is my favorite holiday and time of year! I have the best childhood memories from it. I haven’t seen Sleepy Hallow in ages. Oh, Johnny Depp, what happened to you? I’m pumped someone else is as pumped as me! Also, I learned recently that the phrase “something this way witchy comes” was originated by Shakespeare. Crazy!

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