It’s All in Your Dreams – Sneak Peek!

I’m sure you’re excited to get your hands on a copy of It’s All in Your Dreams by Kelly Sullivan Walden. Who knew that the answers to your big life questions could be hidden in your dreams? Using the right tools and techniques, you can unlock what’s been waiting in your dreams all along. While we can’t give everything away just yet, here are a few inspirational tidbits about people who’ve improved their lives just by following their dreams:

  • Albert Einstein ascribed the theory of relativity to a dream he had as a young boy.9781573245906
  • Thomas Edison dreamed of an electricity-powered lamp.
  • Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin in his dream—and won a Nobel Prize.
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was inspired by her dream/nightmare.
  • The Twilight series was dreamed by stay-at-home-mom Stephenie Meyer.

Will you be next on this famous list of dreamers? Forthcoming May 1, 2013 from Conari Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

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