“Suiting Up”: Preparing for Ascension on December 21, 2012

“Beyond what we know about the heart, is there anything else we can do to prepare for the ascension and ease our passage through the pole shift? Back when I first began to think about these things, I would have said, “Head for the hills, grow your own food, know where your water is, stock up on plenty of rice and beans, pray hard, and wait it out in a sustainable dwelling.”

Part of me still feels like this is a good idea, but I’ve learned a few thinks in the last four decades, and what I see now is that going up country could be part of it, but because it’s a vibrational shift, where we are at the physical level really doesn’t matter. Moving through it is more about being on the right frequency than it is about being in the right location with all the right stuff. A city dweller with an open heart would have a much easier time moving through this process than a sustainability freak with a defensive attitude.

Regardless of who we are, or where we’re coming from, one way or another all of us will move up to the next grid level. Those of us who aren’t in attunement will die physically and be resurrected in the Fifth World. Through the Law of Resonance, the ones whose hearts are awake and vibrating on the Earth’s new wavelength will ascend right along with the planet. It’s that simple.

As we wait for the Great Mother to deliver herself, the best way to prepare for the shift is to do things that help you remember to go into your heart.”

–from The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension by Cal Garrison

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