Multiply your gratitude

MultiplyYourBlessingsEver heard of Prayer Partnering? It’s the practice of praying with another person that can increase the benefits and enhance the experience of prayer. Tried this and still feeling negative? In Multiply Your Blessings, August Gold and Joel Fotinos explain why that’s ok, and how to lessen the negativity you’re feeling:

Being holy doesn’t mean being good. “Being ‘whole-y’ is about being your real self in every moment.” In one story, a discontent man seeking spiritual guidance from a rabbi is asked to say to himself, “Thank you, God, for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever.” He was instructed to say it not only when he had something to be particularly grateful for, but to say it especially when things made him feel especially ungrateful.

As Gold and Fotinos write, “this attitude of gratefulness is a muscle that requires building. The more you use it, the more it becomes yours.”

One thought on “Multiply your gratitude

  1. Nancy Andres

    I have set an intention for the New Year-to recognize the value in each experience. Thanks for the gartitude reminder! Happy New Year to you.

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