All this stress is stressing us out!

More and more studies are showing that stress is a factor for most Americans. In any given month, 77% of Americans experience physical symptoms of stress and 73% experience psychological symptoms. Stress has a profound effect on work and personal life and incurs health care costs that are 46% higher, according to American Psychological Association studies. But no one seems sure about how to effectively combat stress. A night off usually means more stress the next morning, but another night working and worrying compounds the problem, too.

After years of trying to hold it together, Meg Losey found herself sobbing on a friend’s couch, her life having fallen apart around her. On that fateful morning, she told herself: “I’m done. No more lies, no more self-deception, no more trying to be what everyone else expected. Whoever I am, whatever this is, I accept. They say you get what you ask for, but I had no idea how true that could be. That morning was the beginning of a life that is pure magic.” Feel like you’re fighting everything? Like you have to meet expectations all the time? The Art of Living Out Loud strives to catalyze a fateful morning in the lives of each of its readers—a morning that begins a life of pure magic.

art of living outloud

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