Pill-free happy—snacks that nourish the brain

Hippocrates began treating depression long before there was a pill for that. In How Come They’re Happy and I’m Not?, Peter Bongiorno doesn’t suggest that there is no place for medicine—only that there is a holistic approach to healing chronic mood problems that goes far beyond the pharmacy. Here’s one of his many, simple suggestions that can get to the root of your low mood:

Add these foods to your diet:

– water: it is necessary to get proper amino acids into the brain. Drink sixty ounces a day, with one big glass first thing in the morning.

– raw nuts and seeds: eat a total of one cup of these throughout the day. Good choices are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Try not to eat roasted nuts.

– fish: eat fish three times a week. Wild salmon or rainbow trout are great choices. Canned sardines or anchovies are good if you cannot find fresh fish or do not have the urge to cook it.

– green vegetables: eat one every day. A cup of broccoli or spinach is a great choice. If you do not cook, eat two ribs of celery.

– fruit: eat one fruit a day

There are many other foods that are excellent for the brain (you’ll find these in Bongiorno’s book, too) but this is a great, easy starter list.

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