The one certainty about tomorrow is that it won’t come until tomorrow

“To be conscious is not to be in time”–T.S. Elliot

 Feeling trapped by to-do lists, big decisions, fear, and expectations? Spending today thinking about next year? Jan Frazier writes about releasing yourself from the “big picture” into the present moment. She explains how she was plagued with sleepless nights because: “I counted on the okayness of things to be my sustenance, the source of my well being…I needed at least minimal success and stability to sleep well, to feel alright about myself. But sometimes these life-sustainers dried up. Still, there wasn’t anywhere I could go, not even into sleep, that it didn’t all accompany me.” She found a way to become present and accepting in the moment, regardless of the losses and successes of the big picture, and she offers a guide for readers to follow—and promises that “on the other side of the familiar is the extraordinary.”

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