Communication pitfalls in relationships

Do you communicate well with your significant other? According to Communication Miracles for Couples author Jonathan Robinson, the following is a list of the most problematic topics when it comes to couples effectively resolving issues.

The Dynamic Dozen

(Areas in which differing rules cause considerable problems)

  1. How to make money decisions; who is in control of money
  2. How often to have sex and other issues of sex such as birth control, what happens if the woman becomes pregnant, and so on
  3. How to treat your partner when she is upset
  4. How to show your partner your affection and love
  5. How to discipline the kids; what are the different responsibilities each parent has toward the kids
  6. What makes the relationship truly successful
  7. What is the proper way to listen to your partner; how much listening is necessary
  8. How to handle problems and major decisions that affect both partners
  9. How much quality time should be spent together each day or week
  10. How much TV watching is allowed
  11. How much alcohol and/or drug use is allowed
  12. What is the most effective way to ask your partner to do things for you

For more helpful tips and advice when it comes to navigating relationship communication, read:

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