Exercise 2.2. Checksums

“In computer engineering, checksums are information computed from digital data and used to compare results and identify accidental errors or corruptions that might have crept in during transmission or storage of the data. We use the term for an internal checklist that you can use to make sure when you leave the seat of the seer, you’re the same person as the one on your driver’s license. Reverse the pro­cedure you used to go into trance, breathing more quickly, moving fingers and toes, lowering psychic shields, withdrawing awareness to the boundaries of your body once more. As you develop your skills as an oracle, pay attention to your health and feelings. Not feeling like your “usual self” after trance work may indicate a prob­lem. If you develop disturbed sleep, fatigue, emotional instability or illness you may need to step back or slow down.”

—From Diana L. Paxson’s The Way of the Oracle

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