Friday Preview – “Coventry Magic” by Jacki Smith

You know those really awesome candles and bath salts that you buy at your favorite metaphysical emporium? The ones with intense, pure fragrance and kick-ass label art? Well, whatever name is on them, there’s a good chance that they were made by Jacki Smith, owner and founder of Coventry Creations. Jacki’s handy-work is so effective and enticing that her own occult waxies (aka Coventry Candles)  are practically mainstream these days – popular with muggle and mugwort crowds.

I met Jacki this summer at INATS and she is fabulous – funny, fierce, focused and quite fetching with her blazing red hair and heels to match.

So it comes as no surprise that her first book, Coventry Magic, is as delicious as the woman who wrote it. The advance copy just landed on Ankhie’s desk this afternoon and I am psyched to share a little something from it with you – just a taste, like the spoon from the frosting bowl, or a drag off that long-denied cigarette.

The book gets pretty specific regarding magical process, but let’s start with a little insight from Aunt Jacki

Magic Demands Change—Off Like a Prom Dress!

Magic demands change; magic demands evolution! If you are reaching for something different, you have to be different to attain it. You have to change, evolve, and grow. You cannot stay static or stagnant, and you have to change. You have to take off the prom dress and step into your college duds. In case you didn’t hear me the first time, let me say this once more with volume: Magic demands change. Think about it: If you don’t need to move from the spot you are in right now, you wouldn’t need spell work, because you already have what you thought you were looking for. Huh? If you got it, you don’t need it. If you need it, you are doing things that stop you from having it. Listen, if you want to lose weight, move more and eat less. If you want to eat less, you have to find out why you eat too much and change it!

Coventry magic has always been about the solution, not just the quick fix. Every time I speak with someone that tells me their magic didn’t work, I discover that the magic did, just not in the way the practitioner anticipated or even wanted. When you cast a spell, you are asking the universe to expand your knowledge. Your spirit responds by expanding to meet this new vibration. You cannot be stagnant and expect success.

As a human being, you have worked awfully hard to make sure you have everything you need to stay in your current condition and cope with the stress and turmoil around you. You have made the choices that have brought you here. You have instilled fears within yourself that stop you from reaching for any new idea that may work (or not work). You have put up walls to make sure your emotions and ego are never at risk. You have framed your mind to stay comfortable with the least amount of personal responsibility for your life. You have meticulously collected every reason why you cannot move beyond your current status and have held on to those reasons for dear life. (Gee, was that a little harsh?) Everyone has done this to themselves to one extent or another. The good news is, once you open the door to magic, you can change your entire reality if you work hard enough and smart enough. The bad news is, once you open the door to magic, it demands that you evolve and grow. Your old beliefs and limitations will no longer fit your expanding spirit. With each and every spell you cast, you are asking for a transformation of your life. What you do with the success of your magic determines whether this is a temporary change or a permanent one. It’s entirely up to you.

Magic demands personal responsibility, focus, commitment, and an open mind. When you blame the events of your life on others, you have forfeited the magic needed to transform what is lacking into what is abundant. When you say that your parents screwed you up as a kid and that’s why you can’t (insert issue here), you just handed the power to make a change off to whom you thought screwed you up in the first place. Magic demands that you own who you are, your actions, and your beliefs.

By the way, magic does not come in the way you expect. You must be open to magic manifesting in unexpected ways, you must be open to seeing it, and you must make room for it. Magic challenges you to look for its manifestation, because it resides just outside of your comfort zone, in a place of spiritual evolution. No matter what blockade we create for ourselves or what blinders we put on, our spirits chose these lil’ old bodies and lil’ old lives to experience the next step in our personal spiritual mastery. The number and width of steps you take toward that mastery are entirely in your control.

You can ask for a million dollars, then totally ignore the small “Pet Rock” million-dollar opportunities that crossed your path. How about diving into why this is a problem? Do you manage your money poorly? Do you need more education to get a better job? Do you need advisors to help grow your business? Do you have people in your life that are sponging off your energy and money? That is all part of magic—being able to see when magic brings you to a place where you can grow from the experience rather than constantly putting a band-aid on the problem.

You can cast your magical net out for a Fabio look-alike but ignore that average-looking romantic man who will treat you like the princess you are (and you know that guy will grow more handsome to you with every loving thing he does for you.) Maybe you need to do some soul searching to find out what you are really looking for and what is best for you. Are you feeling needy and helpless, sending out the call for a savior? That call will only get you someone who wants to use and control you. Are you looking for someone to save? Are you even looking, or are you waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to pop up from the toaster?

Then there are the ever-present protection issues . . . Are you always thinking that someone is attacking you or out to get you? Are your boss and coworkers constantly hassling you? This may be a time to work on your personal power and self-esteem. That magic will be longer lasting and will make a greater change than just a banishing spell every new moon.

When you cast your spell, you must meet it halfway and don’t judge what outfit it wears.

Is Magic the First Resort, the Last Resort, or Just the Scenic Route?

If you take care of yourself in the here and now, most magic will be unnecessary. That’s a nice and spiritually correct thing to say, but let’s face it, taking care of ourselves is usually the last thing on our lists! There are too many more interesting things to do and too many lipstick colors to try out. Magic is a handy skill to posses to clean up those inevitable messes that you create when you forget to take care of your own needs first. Even though it is tempting to go straight for your box of candles when you face the drama of the day (you know, that mess you made with all the lipstick) you are well advised to start with a bit of self-analysis. Before you cast a spell, take responsibility for your actions that contributed to the mess at hand and see if this issue is easily resolved by owning up to your shortcomings.
Life Lessons from Your Aunt Jacki
When I was working hard on prosperity spells for my business, it wasn’t just about more business. I had all the business I could physically handle, yet we were not profitable. I knew that I didn’t have the information I needed to take our business to the next level. I kept casting my magical net out for the guidance I needed to make up for my shortcomings. I really expected a business consultant, partner, or mentor to cross my path that I could just snatch up. What showed up were books, tapes, and self study. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that my husband had ordered the $300 “Choose to be Rich” educational CD set from a midnight
infomercial. I almost returned it out of spite. Instead, I started to pay attention to the magic I cast. I cast my spell the day the CDs were ordered. No one knew I cast this spell, so I had to open my mind to another way of thinking. To this day I highly recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s  book Rich Dad, Poor Dad; it was the perfect step in creating prosperity in my life. Ironically, a few years later when I had successfully applied all this new information and was ready for the next step, I did the spell again. I scoured bookstores and Internet sites for that new piece of information. Instead I got a business consultant. Ha! It was time for me to start asking questions on the information I was applying. Magic—you never know how it will manifest in your life.

If he left you, own up to your part in the drama and maybe you can reconcile. If you didn’t get the job, make sure your resume looks good with no typos and that you used all your contacts for leads. If you are sick, maybe working sixty hours and then rocking out the weekend was not the best use of your energy. If you don’t deal with the physical reality of the situation, you are just going to repeat this same old scenario over and over again.

When you brave a peek at your own underlying issue, you can see new ways to get to the desired result. If you cannot get to your destination by driving straight through, you may be able to get there by an alternate route. If you want to ask her out, maybe instead of a love spell, you need a courage spell. For that new job, maybe instead of a money spell, you need an attraction spell to make the right contacts.

This book starts with the element of you and helps you map out your magical route to transformation. In these pages, we dive into magic and its relation to the self, giving you new tools to create the reality you most desire. Before you get started (or maybe after you have skimmed a few pages to make sure I am not a total crackpot), declare what it is you want out of this book. Instead of constantly asking what candle to burn, what stone to carry, and what spell to cast, you can look at a situation and understand how to change the energy in your life to finish this lesson for good! This is a spiritual journey into your own magical self—and taking this journey changes magic from something you do into something you are!

Magic works—it works every time—guaranteed. Every time, it works diligently and beautifully right up until it hits the blocks you placed in its way. That, my friends, is how you find those ever-elusive blocks. It is time to open your eyes, see how magic is happening in your life, and step right into your destiny.

4 thoughts on “Friday Preview – “Coventry Magic” by Jacki Smith

  1. Amy

    I’ve been studying and Wiccan/Pagan for 17 years. I coast for months or years at a time. I do my gratitude, my projection and my goals, but with kids, homeschool, small business etc… I don’t put enough energy into it. I come back to this point again and again, needing more spirituality, more connectedness, more openness to see what is the next step on my journey. I’m there right now and I stumbled on your site by clicking from the Pagan Soccer Mom’s Facebook page. I’m excited to read more!

  2. I love Jacki Smith’s candles! I did not know she was an author too, I’ll definitely be adding her new book to my library, thank you sharing such a great pre-look at it!!

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