Field Guide Friday -Galadriel’s Mirror: the DIY Version

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Browsing through one of my favorite Weiser field guides (A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings) I came across this interesting little exercise, which put me in mind of the Elf Queen of Middle Earth (“All shall love me and despair!”) and made me think, yeah, let’s try this over the weekend!

Care to join me, hairy-footed halflings?


Many of the goddesses and fairies of fate are associated in legend with pools of destiny. For example, The Well of Wyrd or Fate at the foot of the World Tree was guarded by the Viking Norns. In this well, each morning the Norns read the destiny of the gods.

These pools of destiny were older even than the crystal ball for scrying – seeing images in the water. In the case of pools that were traditionally close to a World Tree, patterns were cast by the branches and leaves in the water. That water came from the original Well of Wisdom in the Otherworld, whose entrance is at Connla in Ireland.

If you have a question to ask you can create a pool of fate. Remember that this fate is not fixed but a combination of what has been, what is and the path you will take, which will be influenced by as yet unknown opportunities or challenges that await you.

There are three methods to choose from, and the images formed in your mind’s eye that are triggered by the water can be interpreted using the same personal image system that helps you to understand your dreams… These symbolic meanings are those we gained from fairy stories as children, from what we read and from personal experiences, as well as knowledge we access through our genes and our psyche from the collective pool of knowledge.

The sunlight method

  • Take a clear crystal or glass bowl and half-fill it with water.
  • Place it where the sun shines directly into it.
  • Take a fern or small leafy branch and wave it over the surface, so that it creates moving shadows on the water.
  • As you do so, focus on a question about an opportunity or a problem you need to overcome. Alternatively, allow your mind to go blank and let your unconscious direct you as to the meaning of what you will see.
  • If you cannot immediately see an image, close your eyes, open them, blink, look at the water and say the first word or phrase that comes into your head, however unlikely. In adulthood we are so accustomed to working in words that the spontaneous image system of childhood that grants direct access to the psychic may take longer to reactivate.
  • Continue until you have two or three images.

The moonlight method

  • Fill your bowl, but this time take it out under a bright full or nearly full moon, so that the bowl is filled with silver light.
  • This time, ripple the surface three separate times with a crystal pendulum or gently drop tiny crystals or glass nuggets into the bowl, one after the other, to gain your three images.

The candlelight method

  • Colour your water with dark ink or the traditional mugwort infusion (its fragrance is said to induce psychic visions).
  • Either surround your bowl with tall white candles so that they cast light into the waters, or use floating candles in white or yellow that you can gently push to create moving images.
  • Make the rest of the room dark and again wait until you have three images, rippling the water as necessary.
  • A light breeze can help the candles to create moving patters of light and shadow.

Note your symbols and the meanings you assign them in your fairy books. As you use this method on other occasions you can ad to the list. If meaning eludes you, weave the three pictures into a story and retell it just before you fall asleep.

After a few months, many people find that their own symbolic meanings do bear striking similarities to those given in books on scrying or tea leaf reading. If this happens to you, you will know that you are accessing the universal archetypes that underpin all ages and cultures.

One thought on “Field Guide Friday -Galadriel’s Mirror: the DIY Version

  1. How nifty. I walked my group through one of these scryings during the September Full Moon. It was a lot of fun. Not everyone saw anything, but if we were under better meditating circumstances (there were children present), I think more of us would have seen some interesting things.

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