Bad Fairies

It should come as no surprise that Ankhie is a big fan of  HBO’s True Blood and the wildly entertaining series of books (by Charlaine Harris) that it is based on. It seems that every conceivable entity in the occult world shows up, sooner or later, in Bon Temps Louisiana. Perhaps it’s time to relocate the Weiser office….?

Most recently the series has begun exploring the realm of Faerie, which (no surprise here) is not all that it seems. So in the spirit of the darker side of Fae, here are just a few lesser-known Otherworld denizens worth avoiding:

(from Cassandra Eason’s A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings):


Native American male spirit found near rushing water in spruce forests. Bokwus have entered the folklore of hunters and fishermen, especially in the north-west of America. Distinguished by fierce war paint on their faces, they can seek to drown the unwary.


Breton maiden fairy sometimes associated with former pagan princesses or Druidesses who were beautiful by night, but hideous by day. They live near sacred fountains, in grottoes and in woodland groves.


Spanish, Mexican and South American house spirits who are hostile to human inhabitants. They look like small middle-aged women dressed in green who poke and prod inhabitants with their long fingers during the night.


Malicious French and northern English dwarves who guard the ancient fairy paths and can be malevolent to travelers. Dressed in lamb and moles skin, they are blamed for removing signposts or turning them round the wrong way.


The Manx trooping fairies who have neither king nor queen. Small and able to hear every sound made out of doors, they are easily offended and will spread secrets on the wind.

Ghillie dhu

A solitary, sometimes malevolent , tree fairy who  lives in birch trees in Scotland, camouflaged by leaves, moss and foliage.


Welsh female mountain fairies who can shape-shift into goats, who are their special animals. Less friendly to mortals, they lure night-time travelers off paths and into danger. They fear storms, iron and sunlight.

Hu hsien

Malevolent Chinese shape-shifting spirits of nature who are known as fox spirits. They have been seen walking through walls and other solid matter.


Eastern European vampire fairies that appear in the night like huge two-legged cats. Associated with crossroads, traditional places of magical powers, they lure victims with their mesmeric singing.


These are malevolent water spirits in Japan who attack swimmers and fisher folk in remote lakes and rivers.


Ugly bands of fairies living in Ireland who can instantly increase in size and wreak havoc on crops, animals, property and sometimes humans.


South African spirits who resemble baboons with long black hair. Dwelling near streams, they try to frighten travelers.

2 thoughts on “Bad Fairies

  1. Ye gods, I love True Blood, and I am thrilled to no end over what I’m seeing thus far this season, especially with Queen Mab (nice!) and her court. Their explorations into the fae are beautiful and brutal, much like the fae themselves. True Blood has really worked the occult angle on a lot of their supernatural creatures with a lot of intelligence and understanding of the lore surrounding them. It’s an enjoyable show for occult nerds.

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