Witch Pop – Angelique, the Siren of Dark Shadows

Ankhie was far too young to watch Dark Shadows when it first aired, but watch it she did – scarring her for life in the best way possible. Aside from a compulsion to sleep with blankets securely tucked around her tender neck, what the show did to this wide-eyed Ankh was indoctrinate her into a life-long fascination with all things occult. Vampires are sexy (that intoxicating mix of terror and attraction) and although Barnabas Collins seems a bit ragged by contemporary blood-sucking standards, he had mucho carisma.  But nothing in cape or fang compared with the glamor that was Angelique Bouchard – Barnabas’s tempestuous lover, and a witch of awesome power. Wee Ankhie loved Angelique almost as much as she loved her tap dance teacher Miss Loretta (for whom she would knot her own shoelaces,  hoping for a moment’s special attention) – for Angelique was beautiful, bold, and bad bad bad! This may also have been Ankhie’s first exposure to the sexy=psycho equation, but let’s leave that for another day…

In all honesty, Ankhie remembers virtually nothing of the episodes themselves beyond one where someone gets bricked into a basement wall  (nightmares about that one) but does remember Barnabas and Angelique. Long before reading Bronte or Bram Stoker or Anne Rice, long before anyone imagined that the undead could sparkle – this creepy couple secured Ankhie’s understanding of how devastating and desirable, love could be. And that, my friends, is a knot that even Miss Loretta could not untie.

There are LOTS of places online to read about Angelique and the rest of the Dark Shadows cast. Here are a few:

Wikipedia for Angelique Bouchard-Collins and for Dark Shadows


Dark Shadows News (read here about who will play Angelique in the upcoming movie)

Dark Shadows Festival (Yeah, you read that right hipsters!)

Hulu (watch it here!)

5 thoughts on “Witch Pop – Angelique, the Siren of Dark Shadows

  1. Dark Shadows had the same effect on me when I watched it back in the 60’s. I bought all the dvds. Watching them after not seeing the show for so many years was wonderful! It was like watching the show for the first time all over again. Very, Very Cool.

  2. Not that long ago, Lilith and I watched all of Dark Shadows via Netflix. It took us about two years. Definitely give me Angelique over Josette any day. I am, however, hopelessly and forever a nerd-mage, for the Professor is my favorite character of all.

  3. Persephone

    Ankhie, your story sounds much like mine. After a nightmare that left me screaming and woke up my mom, Dark Shadows was banned in our house. So I snuck around to watch it (often missing episodes, sadly), and learned not to wake up freaking out. I also kept a small lamp by my bed, several stuffed animals for company (my mom wouldn’t let me have my dog in the house), and never let any body part get within six inches of the edge of the bed.

    I also became hooked on almost anything occult. Books, especially paperback books I could easily hide inside a binder or pocket, were my fix.

    Creature Features with Bob Wilkins at night, and Chiller Diller in the afternoons, made Saturday my favorite day of the week.

    Thanks for the short trip on Memory Lane.

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