The Apocalypse: It’s Not Just for Evangelicals Any More! – Field Guide Friday

Ascension means one thing to Evangelical Christians (i.e.  The Rapture – the chosen flying up to heaven and sinners like Ankhie sweating it out in Hell on Earth) and another thing entirely to New Age/New Thought adherents. Being as this is the Weiser Books Blog and I doubt that anyone reading this is hoping for a one-way-ticket to Paradise tomorrow, let’s take a moment today to learn a little more about other versions of man’s last days.

The following excerpt is from The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension, by the incredible Cal Garrison:


Every spiritual tradition comes with its own End Times legend. The stories are all different, but what they share in common is the idea that life on this Earth is renewed in cycles and that the renewal process is always attended by a cataclysm. Back when this chapter was just a thought, I figured I could dip into the Hindu texts or the Norse myths or any of the other End Times accounts and cull enough information from all of them to speak about the “road home” from a clear and intelligent point of view. Little did I know that this plan would get me nowhere.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the hard facts that relate to the actual physics of human ascension, none of the sacred books tell it like it is. No matter which source you go to, even if you’re a whiz at reading between the lines, there are no tips on how we’re  supposed to conduct ourselves, no details to describe what we’ll meet along the path, nor anything that frames the process in a context that allows there to be a point and a pattern to the experience.

As much as I love looking at life from every possible angle, at the moment I am less concerned with giving the various End Times legends the respect they deserve than I am with giving you something to go on. Time is too short for us to be deciphering symbols and poring over metaphors that don’t come with any practical advice. Aside from that, the story is always the same; and while every culture has its own way of telling it, the plot inevitably sounds a lot like the following passage from the gospel of Luke:

“There will  be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars; on Earth nations in agony, bewildered by the clamor of the ocean and its waves; men dying of fear as they await what menaces the world, for the powers of heaven will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your head up high, because your liberation is near at hand.”

I encourage those of you who are truly interested in these things to look around and see what the different prophets and spiritual traditions have to say about the End of Time – but since we happen to be in it, for the purposes of this discussion I think it would be more helpful to focus on sources of wisdom that can actually tell us how it goes and what to expect along the way.

Out of all the information I have come across, the only ones who seem to have any hard facts about the End Times mysteries are the Indigenous Peoples. There is a reason for this. They are the keepers of the teachings that were passed down by the Creator at the beginning of this time cycle. The only members of the human tribe who have maintained their connection to Mother Earth, generations of Indigenous Elders gave kept an eye on her patterns for thirteen thousand years.

It was their ancestors who lived through the last dimensional shift – and the records of what took place at the time of the Atlantis cataclysm were preserved in oral traditions that have been passed down through lineage descent to the present-day wisdom keepers. Deeply attuned to her cycles, the Indigenous Peoples not only know what is coming, they know more about how it goes than anyone on the planet…

…Before we start, you need to know that what you’re about to read will sound like something out of a science fiction movie to many of you…Loosen up. Expand your mind and your pictures to include just about anything – because as we all know, the truth is stranger than fiction.


Indigenous wisdom tells us that the first signs of a pole shift show up when the structures that support the existing civilization begin to break down. When the outer political, religious, educational, economic, and ecological systems start to disintegrate, in essence the pole shift has already begun.

Examining our current situation, it doesn’t take much to see that this part of the process is well underway. It began at the energetic level in October 2007, when the harbinger of the End Times, the Blue Star of Hopi prophecy, appeared in the heavens. To the scientific community it became known as Comet Holmes, but to the Elders it was much more than just a comet. Blue in color, it came out of nowhere to fulfill an ancient prophecy that states: “When the Blue Star makes its appearance in the heavens the Fifth World will emerge.” Signs and portents notwithstanding, this one packed a wallop; within a year, the financial systems of the world collapsed, forcing us to recognize that, for a civilization that has come to value money over all other things, it wouldn’t take long for the domino effect to break everything down….


From what I have read, the signs that tell us that the poles are about to shift become more than apparent five or six hours before the magnetic field finally goes down. The way I understand it, as elements of the new reality begin to filter into the old one, we see Fourth Dimensional objects floating around here in 3D, shapes and forms that are unlike anything we have ever seen before. ..

When these Fourth Dimensional objects begin to appear, things start to feel a little strange to us. There’s a sense of light-headedness and disorientation that derives from the magnetic changes that have begun and are about to intensify. As the magnetic field goes all the way down to Zero Point, all of our artificial systems, structures, and devices, along with the thought forms that hold them in place, go through an erasure process that is similar to what happens when you erase the magnetics on a tape or a CD. The change in magnetics clears the track, opening the space for something new to etch itself into the records.

The Earth changes that we have come to associate with our worst fears become active at this time; as the existing matrix disappears, Mother Earth responds with a lot of volcanic activity, The molten iron in her core and the iron filings in her lava flows are magnetic in nature. When the magnetic field collapses, those forces begin to erupt all over the planet. Cut loose from the girdle of polarity, the four elements get stirred up on every level – high winds, tidal waves, earthquakes, fires, electrical anomalies – all hell appears to break loose in this preliminary phase.

The reason the Taos Elders instruct their people to go inside, close their curtains, and pray is because so much of what we call reality disintegrates during this six-hour window, it is difficult to get through the experience if our attention and are senses are focused on the outside worlds. Wherever we are when these changes begin, fear and panic can only be stilled by going within. Do whatever it takes to get centered and calm…

In terms of physical safety, the best place to be during this part of the process is out in nature or inside a dwelling that is made of 100% natural materials. Aluminum siding, foam insulation, the wiring that runs the circuits in our homes, plastic materials of any kind, and even glass and stainless steel – things that are synthetic in nature won’t make it through a dimensional shift. Ironically, at this stage of the game, a grass shack would be safer than a mansion on the hill; and unless you prefer to take this ride in your birthday suit, make sure you’re wearing cotton, silk, or wool.

Within five or six hours, the world as we know it will end and the Earth will enter the next phase of the ascension process. What amounts to approximately three days of Earth time is how long it will take for us to transition from one world to another…

Oh there is a LOT more to come, but that’s all Ankhie can fit here. If we are all still here on Monday, perhaps I will let Cal tell us about the days of darkness that are coming and what horrors and wonders follow that! In the meantime – I’m off to stock up on organic clothing….

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