Mother’s Day Magic: Books for that Bodacious Bad-Ass that Birthed You!

You have one more day to get your Mom something for that fakest of fake holidays – Mother’s Day. Clearly Ankhie has an opinion about this sort of shameless, capitalist guilt mongering… but I too have a mother (no… I did not spring fully-formed from Weiser’s head as myth would have it) and goddess help me if I should forget to honor her on this special greeting-card day. So here is what I would like to give her this year:

Pure Magic by Judika Illes – everything you need to know about the practical end of all things magical by a woman who know the biz inside and out – I also highly recommend her Encyclopedias of  Spells, and  Spirits – both published by Harper Collins)

The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries  by Z. Budapest – a book that every pagan or wiccan-ly inclined woman should own – a sort of spiritual version of Our Bodies Our Selves (also a great gift for any gal – mom or not)

Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune – because if my mom is going to be dabbling in the occult I want her prepared and protected!

Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition by Marjorie G. Jones and Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock by Vere Chappell – because what mom wouldn’t want to learn more about an obscure early feminist historian/occultist/sexual reformer?

The Illustrated Beast: the Aleister Crowley Scrapbook by Sandy Robertson …. wait, actually that’s something I want for Mother’s Day. Carry on…

The Old Girl’s Book of Spells, and The Old Girl’s Book of Dreams  by Cal Garrison – because they are both funny and useful books of magic for the post-menopause set, and the last time I checked, mom could use both a laugh and a spell to find her car keys.

Amulets, Talismans and Magical Jewelry (Barbara Black Koltuv), Pagan Prayer Beads (John Michael Greer) and Magick Stamp Kit (Ann Kay) – because although my mom is no Martha Stewart, it wouldn’t hurt her to be a little more crafty!

Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love – because my daughter gave it to me (we share certain musical tastes), because despite the ongoing dramas and addictions CL is a kick-ass songwriter and performer,  and because all mothers were once young, troubled daughters – it’s important to remember that.

Remember Who You Are by Linda Carroll, for that life-long journey of self discovery (that sure don’t end with motherhood) and because Linda  is a certain notorious rock star’s mother (see above) – so she knows how to make all that work while dealing with some serious maternal distraction! – Mom might also want to check out Her Mother’s Daughter – Linda’s memoir

The Ankh – because the only thing that moms really want for Mother’s Day is something that reminds her of you!

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