Divination Thursday – Looking Back on Past Lives

Ankhie has been pouring through Karen Harrison’s MOST excellent new book The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook   looking for passages to excerpt only to find herself, many (too many) minutes later still absorbed in the “Herbal Materia Magicka” and so taken with all of the entries that she can’t seem to limit herself to choosing just one. Seriously, my friends, this is a book  that you will want to own.

Still, choices must be made. Oh poor, poor Ankhie!

So, moving in  a different direction entirely and remembering that it is Divination Thursday (or was, back when such distinctions seemed to matter) I have selected  for you a sort of inversely related excerpt – Karen’s spell for “Recalling a Past Life” :

Recalling a Past Life

To discover the primary karmic lessons with which we came into this lifetime, we utilize the occult principles of Scorpio, which rules Pluto, with the karmic comprehension that those energies in a Past Life Ritual.

Spend the day lightly fasting on a Saturday, a day whose energy is very useful for understanding karma. When evening falls, gather your ritual materials:

  • Incense burner
  • Incense charcoal
  • Past Lives Incense (see Formulas for Manifestation of Goals in appendix e, Formulas and Recipes*)
  • matches
  • two purple candles and candleholders
  • journal
  • pen
  • divisionary tool such as a crystal ball or scrying mirror (optional)
  • Past Lives Oil (see Formulas for Manifestation of Goals in appendix e, Formulas and Recipes*)

Arrange your altar with an Incense burner, charcoal, Incense, and matches close together to one side on the surface of your altar. Place one of your candles in a holder behind you so that when you light it, it does not reflect in your crystal ball or scrying mirror (if using) place the other on your altar in the center behind the crystal ball or scrying mirror (if using). Place the journal and pen within easy reach of the altar so that you can jot down information as it comes to you.

Cast your circle in your usual way or, using your breathing, surround yourself with light and peace. Anoint your candles (one on the altar, the other behind you) with your Ritual Oil, then light them. Light your Incense charcoal from the altar candle, let it ignite most of the way across, and then place it on insulating sand in your Incense burner. Place some of your Incense onto an Incense charcoal and allow the smoke to waft into the air. Ground yourself with your breathing and connect your energy field with that of the earth. Anoint your Third eye (the spot just above and between your eyes on your forehead). Breathe in the scent of your  Incense and Ritual Oil. Allow yourself to relax into a light trance state while gazing at the candle flame on your altar. When your body is completely relaxed and your mind is clear, blow out the candle on your altar and shift your focus to the crystal ball or scrying mirror. If you are not using a scrying device, you can let the altar candle continue to burn and return your eyes  to the flame periodically to refocus yourself.   Visualize an ancient leather-bound, parchment-paged book on the surface of your scrying tool or visualize it in front of you. As you gaze at the book, it slowly begins to open and the pages begin to turn by themselves as if by an invisible hand. Ask yourself what lesson you are here to learn, what karmic balance you are here to redress or enforce. Keep
concentrating on this question until the pages stop turning and a dim light illuminates the parchment page.

At this point, you may see the words and be able to read them, you may see static images or view a montage or “movie,” you might hear the answer directly inside your head, or you may simply gaze at a page that has no words or words in a written language that  you currently do not under-stand. Write down the information you acquire; emotions you are feeling; names you receive; and any impressions of geography, clothing style, architecture, foliage, or time frame that you have during this experience. Be very
observant of any dreams you have during the next three nights, as they will contain additional information and even the key to the information that you witnessed on the page.

During the same working or at another time when you wish you get more information, you may use some of the imagery, names, time sense, or clues to obtain more details. It is important that after doing a working of this type that you do two things: (1) eat a light snack to re-center and securely anchor yourself into your present-day body, and (2) act on any insights you receive that will help you to balance, resolve, and initiate the karmic lesson(s) you came into this lifetime to carry out.


* Formulas for Manifestation of Goals
These Incense formulas are a combination of Planetary energies utilizing herbs, resins, and essential oils well suited for their goal as  indicated by the name of the Incense. You are encouraged to alter them to suit your thoughts, intuition, and taste. I have noted the  Planet associated with each ingredient to give you a feel for why that particular herb, resin, or oil is being used. If you wish to create  a Ritual Oil from any of these formulas, simply use the essential oil rather than the herb, or omit that ingredient entirely if it  is not available as an oil or if it is an essential oil that should not be used on the skin.

Past Lives

  • one part crushed poppy flowers (Moon, Pluto; subconscious, past lives)
  • one part myrrh resin (Saturn, Pluto; karma, unconscious mind)
  • one-half part cinnamon (Mercury; memory)
  • one part jasmin oil (Moon; subconscious)
  • one part water lily oil (Moon; subconscious)

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