#WBC8 – The votes are in, and our next Book Club selection is….

Liber Kaos by Peter Carroll!
Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion! You have warmed old Ankhie’s heart!

For those to whom Chaos Magick is something new – check out our conversation with Bob Freeman and Freeman Presson “Chaos Magick for the Clueless” – there are also some helpful links at the bottom of that post.

4 thoughts on “#WBC8 – The votes are in, and our next Book Club selection is….

    1. I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about Chaos Magick – and some legitimate concerns about the lawlessness of it morality. I don’t have my copy of Liber Null with me, but I remember a quote about how the only effective magick is all white or all black – what is in-between lacks the focus or conviction to be of any use. And in terms of chaos philosophy there is no moral distinction between white and black. That’s a difficult concept for those raised with the 3-fold law.
      I am WAY paraphrasing here, and please correct me folks if this interpretation seems off.

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