Wicca Wednesday – Dianic Genesis & Z. Budapest

Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest is a daunting woman – fiercely independent, impassioned and poetic. Her contributions to the feminist movement and modern wicca are impressive and indisputable. The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries  remains (30 years after its initial publication) a must-read for devotees and students of the divine feminine, despite questions that surround some of its historical assertions and the fervor of its polemic. It is a book as political as it is spiritual, and a reminder that the modern pagan movement was part of that vast,  sociopolitical groundswell that brought about the civil rights era. Some contemporary readers might find Budapest overly strident – but we should all remember how far we have come (how far we still have to go), and the sort of single-minded passion that was necessary to get us here.

from The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, by Z. Budapest, a brief,  lovely passage that seems fitting for Earth Week:

Dianic Genesis

In the beginning there was unknowable silence. She has an unknowable name which echoed through the universe; the power of this name, that no one shall utter, filled the universe with action.

Silence broke into its components, lights and shadows. From these lights action made form, and from the shadows, formlessness. Visible and invisible, she created a blend of the two we know today as Nature.

In this blend of form and formlessness, lights and shadows, visible and invisible, she created all the creatures, making infinite variations of herself as the birthing force, and the different form of her, where she s not so clearly visible, the birthed-in form.

She intermingled with herself, as if she was never divided, and created our solar system, our mother planet, and all the creatures upon it. Among the creatures she ordained, all species will know her either through instinct or through search, but all she created will periodically return to her holiness, and then again take form inside her.

And ever since, the world has been a blend of invisible forms, female and male, and a blend of invisible forms, self-love and self-hate. The divine mixing of these creates reality, for her essence is present in all, but her forms do not conform to temporary social orders. She is the circle of rebirth; thus we celebrate the moment in our lives as an honor to her, she whose Genesis is still happening, she who has not returned to any comfortable heaven to “watch” over us or forget us.

She who creates all reality daily, she who is visible and invisible in Nature, she whose name is secret, she who rules the Universe. The Force of Life and Death and all that is in between. She is All.

3 thoughts on “Wicca Wednesday – Dianic Genesis & Z. Budapest

  1. Z Budapest is our Sheroe of Women´s Movement. She fought the machist system and dared to be dauting, impassioned and strident when the patriarchal society taught women to be passive, weak and dependent on men. You need to be a Warrioress to break the paradigm, confront patriarchy and make profound and lasting changes. But Z never lost her sweetness, peace and love. Because we, women, are complete. We are rational and emotional, tigress and butterfly at the same time as all humankind. And Z shows us how beautiful and important it is to be a woman. Her Holy Book of Women´s Mysteries gave us wings and taught us how to fly. And because of Z, we, women, discovered that our limit as humam beings is the limitless.

  2. Eclecta Thunderstorm

    Z Budapest is the Mother of Dianic Wicca, the Mother of the Women’s Spirituality Movement. The continuing importance of her body of works on the development of contemporary women’s spirituality cannot be overlooked. At a time when women were finding their voice, when the archeological findings of Marija Gimbutas and Merlin Stone had not been published yet, Z Budapest had already drawn the link between feminism and spirituality with her Feminist Book of Light and Shadows, which later became The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

  3. Hazel DaHealer

    Z is a foremother who began the process of educating women that the spiritual is political. She realized that women’s spirituality in order to expand needed to be aware that most religious beliefs widely held at the time were a way to oppress and control behavior. Z opened the door and then said but here is a way to rediscover the ancient festivals and practices and reclaim them as your own. By doing this women realise their worth and begin to grown and expand thus improving the thier lives and their childrens lives. The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries gives women the tools they need to free themselves from an oppressive culture and create a culture of their own.

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