4 thoughts on “Where Should We Host the Weiser Book Club?

  1. If you go to FB, you can tap into a larger base, but on the whole, Twitterfolk are smarter (at least mine are). I think your best bet is to move it here and advertize it on FB and Twitter. That puts this blog in more people’s history and favorites.

  2. cairnwood

    I concur with Freeman. Having the discussion at Ankhie Central would certainly generate more traffic here, which is a very good thing.

  3. Kim Cascone

    I think having a private chat room would be the best idea rather than a forum such as this…Twitter is ok but all tweets are public (unless there is a mode I don’t know about) and a Facebook group would be good if private i.e. invite only…but I think a chat client and a private chat room would be the best place. There are many web apps that can do this in real time.

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