Field Guide Friday – Shadow People

Dark Energy makes up 70% of the Universe – Dark Matter makes up 25% – that means that only 5% of everything that exists in the whole Universe is perceptible to humans! Now how freaky is that? An Ankh could lose some serious sleep over this sort of information!

Tangentially (it’s a bit of a stretch, I know) – the fastest growing paranormal phenomenon is the spooky sighting of Shadow People. Here’s what Deena Budd’s has to say about it in her fascinating non-fiction The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology:

Shadow People

Shadow people is a relatively new paranormal term, but I have been hearing it more often lately, as reported sightings have been increasing worldwide. The entities are also called shadow folk, shadow men, and shadow beings.

Evidently, Art Bell, former host of the late night talk show Coast to Coast AM, is responsible for the recent resurgence of the term. The phrase appeared many years earlier, also in radio as the title of a 1953 drama on Chicago’s WGN-AM Hall of Fantasy about “malignant entities born of the darkness.”

Heidi Hollis, researcher of shadow people, has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM several times. Hollis believes that shadow people have always been here, and they are a negative influence. Possibly pockets of negative psychic energy that have accumulated in areas of traumatic events, they gorge themselves on fear and sadness.

Some believe that shadow people are ghosts or spirits, seen in varying stages of their ghostly development by people with different degrees of receptive abilities; much like the reception of a television or radio, which can provide a clear picture or not, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Members of the International Ghost Hunters Society believe that shadow people could be ghosts that don’t have the energy or ability to manifest themselves into a more favorable or familiar shape. The society claims to have more than two minutes of videotape from Shaniko, Oregon, of a large group of shadow people ghost children “dancing across the wall of the old abandoned school building basement.”

Some shadow people may be humanoid in form, but without defined features or resemblance to actual people. many times, the shadow appears as two-dimensional or diaphanous. They often move very quickly, in a disjointed manner, but have also been observed to move slowly and fluidly. Normally, the shadow people appear just at the edge of your vision, caught out of the corner of your eye, or as a wisp through a mirror. They are able to quickly disintegrate into a wall or mirror. Occasionally, reports describe glowing red or yellow eyes. They have been seen as child-sized and also very tall and wearing a hat.

The tall shadow man called “Hat Man” is likely to be evil, according to Hollis. Hat Man appears in a much more solid and clearly defined state, wearing “a fedora hat, trench coat and three-piece suit.” Hollis suggests the possibility that these negative entities might be attempting to “recruit people to the dark side.”

They are reported to have many diverse personalities, ranging from shy to aggressive, and a few witnesses hold the opinion that they are guardian angels present to warn of imminent danger, much like the Mothman of West Virginia.

Most feel that shadow people are accompanied by a feeling of apprehension, and some observers get the impression that they are the “essence of pure evil.” There have been reports of people being chased, attacked, and even raped by menacing shadow people.

The shadow people are sometimes compared to the Raven Mocker, an evil witch known in Native American Cherokee mythology, said to sometimes appear as a shadowlike phantom and to steal souls. It has also been suggested that there is a link between the Jinn of Islamic belief, which are made by Allah from black smoke, and the shadow people.

Although the possibilities appear to be endless – half-formed ghosts, demons, interdimensional beings, blobs of negative thoughts, and more – it is clear that shadow people are becoming one of the most regularly reported types of phenomena observed in recent times.

Rather than attempting to draw these creatures to you, it might be prudent to drive them away instead. I have received several requests for help in this situation at my paranormal website,

According to Hollis, the number-one effective defense is to let go of your fear. These creatures feed on your terror. Stand strong!

For more, brain-bending information on Dark Matter, head on over to NASA!

2 thoughts on “Field Guide Friday – Shadow People

  1. Chaos Carburetor

    I am incredibly interested in shadow people, and they scare the hell out of me. However, if they were made from negative thoughts, fear, or sadness then I’d have millions of them dancing around my room.

  2. Melanie

    I have gone to a few websites — including Heidi Hollis’ and never get any response from anyone, including her.
    I have found out recently that two of my grown daughters have seen Shadow Men, just like I have. My daughters didn’t know about my experiences. And the sightings of the S.M.’s were in the same two locations as mine were. I was blown away by this. One of the locations was my childhood home, where I grew up and where my daughters visited often. Too many “paranormal” things happened there when I was living there (from age 8 to 18) to talk about here. But they have been seen twice recently by one daughter…and when she told me, I got such a creepy feeling.
    I just recently moved again to Northern Michigan but before I moved I lived in a condo down state. I had a very unique Shadow Men experience that involved TWO Shadow Men and a repetitive thing they did to me THREE times in a row. Very terrifying and very REAL. ONLY after I moved up here last year did my other daughter tell me one day that she saw Shadow Men in that condo one night and she was scared to death. She NEVER knew about my experience at that condo…..So this really gives me the creeps. I would love to talk to someone who is FOR REAL about this issue and really CARES. Stuff like this has been going on my entire life…..I could seriously write a book about it. I have had experiences with “unknowns” since I can recall…..things like black mists, white mists, shadow people, Unseen energies that have interacted with me, Unseen energies that someone else saw floating over me while I was asleep, unexplained noises (footsteps, doorknobs moving), someone calling my name (more than once)…. and even my dogs that I had back back in my childhood home were terrified. I also have periods of Sleep Paralysis through out my life. It’s very depressing when most people look at this like we’re crazy and when you try to reach out to get some answers you get nothing. I just know how very real and vivid these experiences are. And that when it happens to you –you never forget how it made you feel! And when you’re raised to believe they don’t exist…and it happpens over and over and now to my girls……it’s very, very strange and eery.

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