Our 100th Blog Post – Time to Give Away Some Books!


100 posts! Our little blog is all grown up! To celebrate we are giving away a complete set of the Weiser Concise Guides – short, sweet and sagacious books on a number of essential occult subjects, such as:


Aleister Crowley

Herbal Magick

Practical Astrology

and Yoga for Magick

to qualify for this glorious giveaway, go to our Facebook Fan Page and tell us what your favorite Weiser Book title of all time is. Don’t be shy – tell us when and where you got it, what it meant to your own mystical, magickal journey – anything and everything really! The winning entry will be posted here on the blog!

Deadline is Friday April 1st (no fooling!) so start typing, my friends, and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Our 100th Blog Post – Time to Give Away Some Books!

  1. How wonderful. Does anything at the website qualify? Seems like Red Wheel, Conari Press and Weiser all cross fields on the website. Oh well I’ll put down what I like – what is living on my wish list at the moment. 🙂

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