Psychic Self-Defence

Anyone who has ever read a book or watched a TV show on haunting and possession knows that the first thing  investigators look for are indicators of occult pursuits – you know, that cool stuff that anyone here would have on hand as a matter of course – tarot cards, crystal balls, bones, stones and witchy tomes. This raises the question-  should we be taking  precautions? Are we (some of us anyway), too cavalier with what we put in our homes and our minds?

It’s been noted here before that one should be familiar with the traditions surrounding any religious or magical objects that one acquires. If you don’t know what (or who) it is and what it is intended for, don’t bring it home with you. The same can be said for reading material. If you’re going to open your psyche to thoughts and ideas that are, by their nature or objective, dangerous, you should know how to deal with all and any fallout.

Alright then. How do you do that?

As I sit here typing on this sub-zero day (stuck at home with a dead car-battery) I have two books by my side: Dion Fortune’s classic Psychic Self-Defense, and Robert Bruce’s The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook.  Both arm the reader with information on how and why psychic attacks occur – Fortune focuses on the occult details, providing history and insight, whereas Bruce offers immediate help to those who feel they may be under attack. Taken together, these two books offer reasonable and intelligent protection for anyone who dabbles in the darker realms. That’s you and me, dear reader.

Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defence has been well excerpted here already, so today we offer a chapter from Robert Bruce’s The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook:

The pentagram banishment and cleansing rituals given here are cutdown versions of the full Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). This versatile and effective  banishment ritual is an absolute lifesaver if you have serious Neg (Negative Entity) problems. The most powerful way to perform this banishment is with hand signs and verbal commands. The voice should be vibrated and deepened, and a commanding tone and attitude used.

The sacred names given here for banishment can be varied, so the ritual can be customized to suit any religious belief or tradition. The names of angels and deities can be substituted. If you do not have a strong religious preference, though, I suggest the Kabalistic version I give here be used, because this is a proven formula.

I am not a religious person. To me, rituals and sacred names are tools. I keep using the banishment method given here because it works. It has never let me down, even in many extreme situations.

The essence of a banishment pentagram involves signing a hand action while giving a direct and authoritative command in the name of the divine (a sacred name).

The Pentagram
The pentagram symbol represents humanity and the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and akasha (also called aether). When one point of a pentagram is on top, the pentagram represents light and goodness, but when two points are on top, its meaning is reversed.

The function of a pentagram is determined by how it is created and used. Starting at the bottom left point and signing it clockwise renders a banishment pentagram. Start at any other point or draw it anticlockwise, and it will not work as a banishment pentagram.

Sacred Names
All Negs are repelled by ancient sacred names. Th e sacred names used for a banishment pentagram are traditionally Kabalistic God names. The primary Kabalistic God name is YHVH (pronounced Yude-Heh-Vahv-Heh). (There are multiple ways to pronounce God names.) Other sacred God names suitable for banishment are Adonai (Ah-Doh-Nye), Agla (Ah-Glah), Eheih (Eh-Heh-Yeh), and Shaddi (Shadday). For best results, vibrate these names in the base of the throat and deepen your voice as you speak.

Other sacred names can be substituted for the Kabalistic God name. Use sacred names from your own religion or tradition. For example, you may like to refer to God as Allah, Brahman, the Buddha, God, the Goddess, Jehovah, Shakti, Shiva, the Great White Spirit.

Names of archangels and angels can also be used with a banishment pentagram—for example, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Azrael, Ariel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Zadkiel. (The archangel names are used in the full LBRP.)

The Banishment Hand Sign
To perform the banishment hand sign, stand and point the index and middle fingers of your right hand, then reach across your body and touch them to your left hip. With sweeping moves of your arm, trace the pentagram symbol in front of you with your pointing fingers. While you do this, imagine a blue streak, like a gas flame, trailing from your fingers. Imagine the blue lines hanging in the air as you form the symbol. When you have completed the symbol, imagine the pentagram remaining in place where you signed it.

Again, start from your left hip (touching your left hip with your fingers). Ascend your arm in a straight line to a point in the air above your head (as far as you can comfortably reach), then sweep down to your right hip, then diagonally up and left (to a point adjacent your left shoulder), then horizontally across to your right (to a point adjacent your right shoulder), and then diagonally down to finish back at your left hip.

Practice the hand action until you can do it smoothly with a confident, sweeping action. Once you have learned this action, add the words while you sign the pentagram.

Banishment Words
Banishment words should always be spoken in a deep and commanding voice. Spoken words are vastly more effective than just thinking words silently. The voice activates the throat chakra and projects spoken words onto the astral level. Your higher self (your direct connection with the divine) is far more receptive and proactive on the astral level.

The banishment pentagram ritual works because the combination of a command with sacred names and the banishment pentagram evokes a particular aspect of the divine, triggering a surge of banishment energy.

Direct Banishment Action
A direct banishment action is used to banish a presence, a manifestation, or a direct attack. To perform a direct banishment action, face the disturbance. Sign a banishment pentagram with hand gestures. As you do so, commandingly say: “I banish you in the name of Almighty God, Yude-Heh-Vahv-Heh, Ah-Doh-Nye, Ah-Glah, Eh-Heh-Yeh, Shadday!”

Repeat the above sequence as necessary. If you cannot ascertain the direction of the disturbance, turn and repeat this ritual in each of the four compass points around you, starting in the east.

While learning this procedure, you might find it easier to use only one sacred name, YHVH (Yude-Heh-Vahv-Heh). Add other names as you can remember them. The primary God name should come first in a banishment ritual. Th e order of the other names used is not important. Write the names on a card and hold the card in your free hand or tape the card to a wall to help you remember the sequence. It is okay if you mix up the names or forget some while learning. Just do the best you can.

This banishment can be used to dispel any kind of Neg manifestation, disturbance, or atmosphere. It can also be done while you are lying in bed, to repel nocturnal attacks and interference. Aim the pentagram at the disturbance or where you feel it as emanating from most strongly. Imagine the gas-blue pentagram forming above you as you sign it. Imagine this pentagram growing to fi ll the ceiling area above you. Repeat as necessary.

A direct banishment can also be performed on a body part. If, for example, you have a lot of negative activity in a foot or a leg, you can perform a banishment on it. Th is will help to stop or reduce activity. Repeat the banishment as oft en as necessary.

The banishment action can be imagined and the words spoken only mentally, if necessary, but remember that performing the banishment action only in the mind greatly reduces its effectiveness. It should be done mentally only if you find yourself paralyzed, or if the situation is inappropriate for spoken words. Repeat as necessary.

Banishment words can also be whispered quietly, while the words are still vibrated in the base of the throat.

Clearing Spaces
Th e following extends on the above direct banishment action, but is still a simplified version of the full LBRP. The full version is far more powerful, but also significantly more complex. (See Donald Kraig’s book  Modern Magick, listed in the bibliography, and the Wikipedia article “Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram,” listed in “Further References” for more details.)

First, use a compass to ascertain true east. Stand in the center of the room or space to be cleared and face east. Relax for a few moments and center yourself, holding in mind the intention of what you are about to do: banish all negative spirits and influences.

Perform the first pentagram banishment facing east. Hold the image of the blue-f re pentagram and imagine it hanging in the air. Touch its center with your pointing fingers and hold that position. Pause a moment to reinforce the image in your mind, and then turn clockwise ninety degrees to face south, imagining you are trailing a line of blue fire to the next quadrant.

Imagine a line of blue fire flowing from your fingertips, connecting the center of the first pentagram to the center of where the next will be signed. Perform the banishment in the south.

Touch the second pentagram in the center, pause a moment to reinforce the image, and then turn ninety degrees clockwise to face the west, trailing blue fire from your fingertips to touch the center of where you will sign your next pentagram. Perform the banishment in the west.

Touch the third pentagram in the center, pause a moment to reinforce the image, and then turn ninety degrees clockwise to face the north, trailing blue fire from your fingertips to touch the center of where you will sign your next pentagram. Perform the banishment in the north.

After drawing the final banishment pentagram, complete the circle by turning clockwise to face the east again, trailing blue fire as you move your pointing fingers back to the middle of the first pentagram to complete the circle of blue fire.

Concentrate and imagine the four pentagrams hanging in the air around you, connected by the line of blue fire touching each pentagram’s center. Imagine the pentagrams growing in size and perfection and expanding out and filling and sealing the four quadrants of the room. Imagine them forming a wall of protection around you.

A full banishment ritual (all four quadrants) should be done in every room and open area of a house that is being cleared and protected, including garage and basement areas. You cannot overdo the banishment space-clearing procedure. It will grow in power the more practiced at it you become.

During serious and ongoing Neg problems, a full home banishment should be performed twice per day, morning and evening, for best results. With a little practice, this full banishment does not take long to accomplish. At the very least, perform it in your bedroom morning and night. Other countermeasures, including incense, electric-violet fire, affirmations, running water, and electrical grounding, should be applied as necessary.

The pentagram banishment method can also be applied to the core image removal procedure given earlier. It can also be used during dreams and astral projections, where it is even more powerful.

from The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook; A Survival Guide – Combat Psychic Attacks, Evil Spirits & Possession, by Robert Bruce, reprinted here with the permission of Hampton Roads Publishing.

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