Divinity of the Day – Ix Chel – Mayan Goddess of the Moon

the following excerpt is from Barbara Ardinger’s excellent day book Pagan Every Day:

December 8

Ix Chel

Ix Chel, “Lady Rainbow,” is a Mayan goddess of the moon, water, healing, childbirth, and weaving. She may be married to Voltan, an earth god, or to Itzamna, lord of all gods, founder of Mayan culture, and inventor of writing. Their children are the Bacabs, wind or jaguar gods who hold up the sky in the four directions. Ix Chel is frequently shown as an old woman, sometimes holding a serpent, sometimes a water jug.

One story about Ix Chel tells that when she falls in love with the sun, her jealous grandfather hurls lightning at her and kills her. Thirteen dragonflies grieve over her for thirteen days, at which time she is reborn. She follows her lover, the sun, up to his palace in the sky. But now he becomes jealous and accuses her of taking a new lover, the morning star, who is the sun’s brother. Stalked and chased out of heaven by the jealous sun, Ix Chel finds sanctuary on earth among vultures, but the sun finds her again and lures her home. Wearying of this persistent domestic violence, she leaves him and wanders through the skies, making herself invisible whenever he comes near.

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