Emergency Magic from Judika Illes

Sometimes things don’t work out.  You do your damnedest and still it’s not enough or too much or just not right.  Maybe the thing in question is something small, insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Maybe it’s something so important that you are left absolutely ruined. Either way, you are likely to wonder – how could it have gone so wrong? How can you make it right? The answer may be something simple – an appointment, a pill, a week in Jamaica with fun and supportive friends.  But what if those things don’t work? Maybe what you really need is a miracle. Maybe what you really need is magic.

If that’s the case, you might want to turn to witch-wonder Judika Illes.  Her book Magic When You Need It addresses all sorts of scary and unsavory situations (as well as more benign ones) with wisdom, wit, and a breadth and depth of magical knowledge to satisfy all querents.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction:

Conventional wisdom says that for every problem a logical solution exists. Sure sounds comforting, but lets face facts. In reality, life’s worst-case scenarios are far more complex and complicated than trite wisdom allows for, full of dramatic twists, turns and contradictions…

So what do you do when life’s worst-case scenarios demand urgent action, yet all the conventional responses are inadequate or nonexistent? What happens then? What are your alternatives? Do you give up? Roll over and play dead? Or do you turn to Earth’s oldest existing system of crisis management: magic…

Visualize your reactions to a personal crisis. A weight sinks to the pit of your stomach; a perpetual lump plagues your throat. You can’t breathe. You can’t think. Your mind has transformed into a broken record, endlessly returning to the source of your anxiety. Adrenaline rush elicits incessant fight-or-flight impulses.

The good news? Although you may be useless on the job, worthless at home, you’ve never been in better fighting form to accomplish genuine, working, solve-your-problems magic! The very same stress-induced reactions that make calm detachment so difficult are the ideal fuel for rescue magic. The magic of necessity is the most intense, effective magic of all, and stress, panic, worry, concern, intense fear and desire are your certified emergency-magic credentials. When you feel that adrenaline surging, you’re also feeling your magical aptitude  soaring.

After all, functional, dependable magic requires more than just lip service to a clever incantation or an investment in a few evocative props. For maximum effectiveness, magic demands nothing less of the practitioner than laser-intense, single-minded, borderline-obsessive mental focus. Nothing provokes that level of clarity and intensity of vision and desire more than a panic-worthy problem. The very same emotional and physiological responses to anxiety and dread that may have you overwhelmed can be channeled into magical mastery and problem solving. Rather than promoting passivity and hopelessness, magic encourages you to take the bull by the horns and realistically assess your situation and alternatives so that you can gain control of your destiny.

Magic’s very existence stems from humanity’s intense desire for crisis management. An ancient Egyptian papyrus known as Instruction for Merikara, believed to have been written approximately four thousand years ago, describes magic as a gift to humanity from the Creator “to ward off the blows of fate.” Although the rapid natural degeneration of simple problems into worst-case scenarios stimulated the birth of magic, the sheer effectiveness of emergency enchantment is responsible for the very survival of magic. Despite centuries of deadly persecution and the brutal suppression of occult knowledge, magic has not gone away. Why not?

Because magic works.

Because faced with unrequited desire or an insoluble situation, quite often the enchanted solution is the only solution. In the face of personal emergency, even the most ardent enemies of magic have found themselves relying on the Earth’s ancient wisdom.

A case in point springs from the Western world’s most respectable book of metaphysics, the Bible. Saul, ancient Israel’s first king, decreed practice of the shamanic and magical arts outlawed under penalty of death. Yet later, when facing his own worst-case scenario, where did Saul run to seek an emergency solution? Straight to the renowned witch of Endor, to beg her to come out of the retirement that he himself had imposed upon her. After some persuading, she relented and, in testimony to the effectiveness of emergency magic, conjured up the information from beyond the grave that Saul craved.

No spell is as effective as an emergency spell; no magic is as likely to work…


from Magic When You Need It by Judika Illes

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