A True Ghost Story – Phantom Friday

I seriously doubt that there’s a single person reading this blog who hasn’t had a paranormal experience.  Voices, visitations – sights, sounds or smells. We’ve all encountered something, somewhere, that just wasn’t right. Maybe we were terrified, maybe we were ashamed, maybe we doubted our own minds and senses, or maybe we told someone and found them staring back at us blankly. So we keep it to ourselves, think about it sometimes when we’re watching Ghost Hunters or Celebrity Ghost Stories (fess up – you know you love them!) and want to talk about it but – there’s that nagging sense of doubt. What if it wasn’t the way we remember it – and even if it was, who would believe us?

Well – Ankhie believes you!! So take a moment on this Phantom Friday to tell us your ghost story!

Okay. I’ll start us off.

When I was a kid, my weird and wonderful parents were fond of prowling old cemeteries and playing with spirit boards. They also had a fondness for psychics and charismatic healers – but that’s another story for another day. We lived near a reservoir that had displaced and flooded several towns and villages in the 1930’s & 40’s. It was and is a beautiful, spooky place. Many of the old roads are still intact, leading through lands gone wild, though riddled with cellar holes, abandoned wells and empty graves. Most of these roads, if followed far enough, disappear beneath the water. In late spring, one might encounter a lilac flowering where there was once a yard, or a black King Snake curled and warming on a lone granite threshold.  The local newspapers often print stories from the lost towns. One such story was about a grisly murder/suicide involving a young couple. The motive and exact circumstances remained unsolved, and my parents (along with a couple of friends) were enthralled. What happened next is too long and complicated to write down here – but what I can tell you is that divination was involved, along with a good deal of historical research – and that the whole adventure came to a screeching halt when very scary things started happening. I was 11 or 12 years old at the time, and remember vividly the flashing lights and slamming doors at 3am – then the radio turning on, clocks chiming, alarms ringing and something… something moving in the hall. I should mention that I was sleeping in my parents bedroom at the time – already unnerved by a sinister turn in spirit board conversations. We were all in one place – everything that was happening, was happening elsewhere in the house. 

Very few people know that story. It was long ago and so strange that despite the consistency of my memory and that of my parents I wonder how it could have really happened. But I know by the way the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck even now, that it did.

Okay fearless readers …  your turn…

39 thoughts on “A True Ghost Story – Phantom Friday

  1. Ah yes…ghost stories – who doesn’t love a good one? I am a crappy story teller – but here goes…
    When I was younger and not quite as atuned as I am now we had shadow people in the basement. My mother would talk about them all the time and I never paid much attention…. until I got older. The were quite a few times when things were seen from the corner of my eye – yet I thought it involved my lack of sleep as a young adult working 2, sometimes three, waitressing jobs. On hot days during the summer I would take long naps in our pool on a huge float against my mothers better judgment – sleeping the pool was bad. On this day I was home alone, I put on some Jethro Tull and crashed out in the pool. When the music stopped suddenly I thought a friend had come to visit and was trying to get my attention. When I looked I saw person sitting in out breakfast room watching me closely in the pool. Of course I got out of the pool, dried off and imediately went to meet my wating guest. After searching the house and calling out “who’s here – stop playing games – I saw you” (or whatever I yelled, it was years ago) there was no one in the house. I checked the front door, which we always kept dead bolted (we were a back door using family) and it rremained locked. No one upstairs or down. However I did find the basment door left slightly cracked open….

  2. I’ve had very limited actual experiences, but I had one that was undeniable and very strong.

    When I first moved to my husband’s home town, I was driving around, checking out the what’s what of the small, sleepy NJ town. I drove past a cemetery and suddenly had a super quick feeling of drowning. It was just a flash, very vivid and scared the poo out of me.

    I later found out that two young men, victims of the Matawan shark attacks (which the movie Jaws is loosely based on) are buried in that cemetery.

    I’m not sure if it was a ghostly encounter or some random flash of something else, but it’s an encounter I don’t normally share. I later went and found both the boy’s graves, but I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

  3. I have never had a ghostie experience…. but I have only just recently opened myself up to allow it to happen. I am a bit of an ostrich with my head in the sand….lol.

  4. I have been ‘lucky’ enough to have my own experiences. I’ll tell you about one here: I moved into a 70 year old home 10 years ago. I had some friends help and they stayed over that night. While one of my friends was trying to get to sleep in the living room he started to hear loud footsteps in the basement (it is unfinished with a dirt floor). After some pacing the steps started up the stairs. My friend kept on calling for me but I didn’t answer because I was fast asleep. He heard the steps come into the kitchen, then as the door started to open he took off. I woke up to an empty sleeping bag and no clue what happened to him until he told me later that day about the crazy ‘room mate’. While I lived there I had the usual happenings, footsteps, cabinets opening, water being turned on…it was quite the mischievous spirit. Once when I was on the phone telling my sister about the hauntings an empty can of soda literally flew 8 feet from a nearby desk to land by me, as if they were saying hello. No windows were open, and we had no a/c. That was the most active place I ever lived.

    Ok, another one. 😉 When I was visiting a friend in Denver he was taking us down to his basement apartment. As I got into the room from the stairs I looked up and saw a pale woman standing in the corner staring at us. I stopped and mentioned it. He was not very surprised and told us that in the 1930s a woman and her child were found dead in the basement where they had been holed up by her husband. Sad story. His bedroom was actually where they were found. I guess it was a good thing the child’s spirit was no longer there, and I hope she has moved on by now (this was in 99).

    1. I find those mysterious voices the most intriguing and frustrating. I often hear someone calling my name (clairaudience) sometimes very close to my ear and it’s an eerie sensation!

  5. I haven’t had much experience with the paranormal but I have had one run in with a ghostly presence. A few years ago a friend and her husband bought a new home and one night I was up late with her watching movies with her husband was out with the guys. We were laughing and having a grand old time when we felt a cold breeze slowly moved past us and heard a thump as if something large, or someone, had fallen on the hardwood floors in front of the front door. The room stayed chilly for a few minutes more, then returned to it’s typical comfy temperature. We were both pretty weirded out by the experience and after a lot of digging and asking around she found out that a previous owner, an older gentleman, had not been feeling well and called his son to take him to the doctor. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack in the living room and collapsed as he was trying to get out the front door to the car.

    That experience still does not come close though to the level of creeped out Ouija boards make me. *shudder*

  6. Layla

    My friend and I used to have an Ouija board and used it often. One night we “met” a spirit who called himself Ron. He was around 17 and had died in a ca accident on the way to meet his girlfriend. I don’t know if he lived in our town or not but he developed a liking for my friend. He seemed to always be the one to answer the Ouija and pestered her with questions about her love life. He didn’t seem to like the fact that she had a boyfriend. One day we were at her house and she was going to let her boyfriend inside but the door wouldn’t open. It wasn’t locked or anything but the knob wouldn’t twist no matter how hard we tried. Finally he ended up going around back and as he walked towards the back door it slammed shut in his face. That night we told Ron we didn’t want to talk to him anymore and we were getting rid of the board. Thankfully we never heard from him again.

      1. Layla

        I never did. He didn’t tell us his last name and I didn’t find a car wreck matching his in the library archives. But maybe thats a good thing?

  7. We share a house with the spirit of the previous owner. There are several stories related to Annabell; sightings, movement, etc. The most recent being her opening windows in the up stairs back bedroom, which technically was not her room. She becomes more active/visible when there is conflict in the home. One evening my fiance and I were arguing and he went to that room to sleep. The bed begin to shake, the covers then lifted, and he felt something warm move in beside him. He then got up and came back downstairs to our bed.
    I’ve seen her many times and have asked her what’s up. To date I’ve not had a response.

    1. I wonder if that back bedroom belonged to a child or a sick relative – someone who she would have needed to check in on regularly? I’ll bet your fiance was glad to share a bed with a living presence again!

  8. I have seen ghosts a number of times. Oddly, they have all been when I was a much younger. The first time I saw a ghost was after my Grandma has passed away. I was very close to her. I remember playing on the porch at my grandparents house and the feeling of someone watching me overcame me. I looked up and saw my grandma watching me through the window of the formal dining room. She was dressed in all black and look at me rather blankly if not grim. I was so scared! I got up and ran into the house to tell my mother. I would like to say that the sighting brought me a sense of peace but it did quite the opposite. She didn’t look happy, she looked really grim. The who experience was disquieting.

    The second time I saw a ghost was a little after a close family friend committed suicide. I wasn’t aware that he had battled with depression for all his life. He was my uncle’s best friend and was always around the house. I considered him like another uncle. So, when he passed is was a huge shock and my young mind couldn’t grasp it. We inherited his big screen T.V. I was sitting near it with my little brother. I glanced up and saw his spirit zipping through the T.V and out out big bay window to the the backyard. I jumped up but was scared. Unlike, the visitation of Grandma, this one was disquieting at all. It seemed like he just popped by to say one last good bye.

    I don’t really know what you would call this next experience. I was at my grandparent’s house (the same house that I saw my grandma). My grandpa was watching me and my little brother for summer vacation. I went looking for him and saw him down the hall, sitting at his roll top desk writing checks. Satisfied at knowing where he was I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. But, I passed through the family room and there was my grandpa sitting in his chair, reading a newspaper. There was no way he could have gotten to that room without passing me or that quickly. I didn’t say anything to anyone about this because I didn’t know how to explain it. I obviously hadn’t seen a ghost because he was still alive.

    1. Wow – those are some pretty intense experiences. I know that I’ve heard of encounters similar to the last one that you had with your grandfather & his doppleganger, but I can’t recall the name for the phenomenon. If anyone knows, please share it with us here!

  9. I’ve always found it very interesting to realize that so many others have had paranormal expereinces. Myself, I grew up with a family “ghost” that has been following my family for generations according to family legend- he’s even been named Jeferey. We’re unsure exactly what or who it is, whether he’s a spirit or faerie or other, but some of the stories include rocking chairs, radios turning on unexpectedly, cabinet doors opening on their own and chairs being found on the top of tables after returning from an outing. I remember a story that my mom told when I was about 12. She was inside the house alone while the kids and my stepdad were outside playing football. She leaned into the mirror in the bathroom to put some makeup on, and something smacked her backside. She turned around expecting my stepdad and found nobody in the house. I remember her running outside to see if we had played a trick on her. I grew up with these things happening occasionally, and to this day me and my siblings will talk about it with teary eyes and chills every time we get together. I’ve had a few instances recently of strange occurances including a bunch of grapes being found on a high shelf in my livingroom after nobody was home, things like that. All of the occurances seem to be very playful and mischievous rather than aggressive, and we’ve noticed that there will be time periods when each of me and my siblings have high occurances of strange things happening, almost like “he’s” moving from one of us to the other. Our theory is that he follows the children in the family, because he always seems to go where there is a child being born, and then makes his rounds between all of us who have kids.

    1. It sounds like a very playful spirit – and your family seems to take these experiences in with the right attitude! It’s kind of sweet to think that he visits everyone – like a phantom cousin!

  10. Caroline

    Coming over from Mrs. B’s. I’m loving all of these ghost stories.

    Mine is about an interstate exit. The story goes one rainy, stormy night (isn’t it always) a couples car broke down coming off the exit. Because, the exit itself is pretty much country with no stores, or at least none that stay open after night fall, the Husband decided to push his car back up the hill so they could be seen by other cars. However, tragedy struck (ditto on the always) and a car came flying down the exit striking and killing them both. Now if you stop your car in towards the bottom of the exit and put it in neutral you will be pushed back up the hill towards the top of the exit. Some say that if done long enough, the car windows become foggy and you can see the handprints of the man in the windows from where he was pushing the car.

    So I went to try it, and it happened… my car went back up the hill. So being me I decided to investigate some more. Surely it was an optical illusion and it only looked like we were going down hill. So my group got a basketball and we (minus a driver) also got out of the car. It definitely felt like we were walking up hill. We set the ball down and it rolled to the bottom. We tried the car again… pushed to the top. We did the ball right beside the car. Once again the ball rolled down and the car rolled up. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring a level or anything like that. I may have to try again just to see if there really is an incline and how much of one.

    1. Brilliant idea with the basketball! I’ve heard of other places like this, but to my knowledge no one has ever tested the theory with anything but a car. That makes it SO much creepier – and impossible to dismiss!

  11. beverly h

    OK… I’m hooked, lol. I just signed up for the newsletter. What a fascinating site! I love the selection of books, too.

    I have a ghost story (of sorts), passed down from my grandparents:

    Growing up, my grandmother and grandfather lived on a mountain within a mile of each other’s house. Their homesteads were separated by a winding dirt road, a valley, and lots of trees. When they were newlyweds, my grandfather’s mother became very ill. Running a high fever, she was having conversations with relatives who had “passed on” and commented several times about all the pretty “angels” in her room. My grandfather sat at his mother’s bedside, knowing the end of her life was near. Meanwhile, my grandmother was sitting with her father on the front porch of his house, looking out over the trees in the direction of her mother-in-law’s house. She began to notice some hazy clouds moving slowly in the sky. The clouds started moving toward each other, forming a ring, which started descending lower and lower til it disappeared behind the trees in the direction of the dying woman’s house. Then, it slowly reappeared, ascended up into the clouds and dissipated. “Well, there went Ms. Lucy’s soul to heaven”, my great-grandfather said, and in a few minutes, my grandfather came up the road to tell them of his mother’s passing… of course, they already knew.

    1. The ring of clouds is facinating – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite like it before! Although I have heard of deathbed visitations – it’s really quite lovely. Thanks for sharing it!

  12. ayreonfae

    I can’t think of a story but I do have experience with the paranormal, sometimes daily because in our house hold we are open and allow the good intended visitors to come say hi.
    One in particular who is a family member likes to come as a child and help my kids get into trouble. I am always one of mine are in the room with me while really it is him and the kid is off getting into stuff. I have even started conversation with him not really seeing that it isn’t my kid.

  13. The first time I saw a spirit was about a year and a half after my mom died. I was seven, and my dad had just remarried and we’d moved into a new apartment. I woke up in the middle of the night, to see my mom, standing in light next to the bed – she looked like she was made of light. It wasn’t initially comforting! I actually got scared and pulled the blankets up, but then just felt this enormous sense of peace, and that she was there to let me know she’d always be with me. The next morning my dad asked me if I had been up during the night… I said I hadn’t been up, but told him I had seen my mother, and he admitted he had seen her too – said she had come to his door and looked in, and then turned and left. It’s something both of us always remember, and I can’t really refer to it as a “ghost story,” because it felt much more spiritual.

    I do have a few ghost stories though… The last house my family lived in was a farmhouse built in the 1800s. When my husband and I first drove by it, we were amazed to see a For Rent sign on it – we had been in town looking at another house we’d seen listed in the paper. When we saw this house, we fell in love and just knew it’d be perfect for us. We made some calls and arranged to see the house. It was perfect – we signed a lease and went home. The two of us both had disturbing dreams about the house, but didn’t tell each other right away, because we didn’t want to discourage the other. For the first few months there were some spooky things to get used to – odd noises that weren’t just the creaking of an old house – our pans hung on a rack, and I would often hear them rattling together. I would stand in the middle of the kitchen and simply express my desire to be there together in peace. The rattling of the pans did stop. Once I heard a woman singing, bright and clear. As we were the only house on the road, I was surprised by it, and went to the windows to see if someone was walking by. Of course no one was there. One night, my father was visiting from out of state and we had to do some rearranging – he slept in our daughter’s room, and she slept in ours. I woke in the middle of the night, and saw a man standing at the foot of the bed, staring right at us. I was immediately startled. I hadn’t ever actually seen a ghost in the house before, though I’d sensed, felt, and heard signs. I thought okay, I will look away and when I look back, it will be gone. … I looked away, to my husband, who was sleeping comfortably, looked back, and it was still there. That was more startling than seeing it the first time, so I then shook my husband awake! ; ) By then, it had disappeared. I was startled by it, but not exactly scared – there was never a forboding sense in the house. We actually lived there for eleven years and adored it. And, we live in another 1800s farmhouse today, right around the corner, and have never experienced anything like it here.

    Sorry this is so long, I could actually go on! I love this topic, and have enjoyed reading the stories shared here. : )

    1. The part about your mom is lovely. I think we could all hope for such visitations.
      I also live in an old house from the 1800’s – and hear a woman singing sometimes – humming actually, something like a lullaby. Funny how these visitations can be both wonderful and frightening!
      Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh yes, almost all of us experienced something, bigger or smaller… I would love to know the details on this story, I really got curious – I bet this would make an entire book!

    Great post.

    Kisses from Nydia.

    1. Many thanks! It always amazes me how many people have had paranormal experiences, far more than one might assume! If I were ever to tell the whole story I’d have to spend pages on the young couple (the murder/suicide) – their tale is a heartbreaker.

  15. I used to regularly walk the cemetary when I lived in Ithaca. It was quiet, usually empty of people and quite large. I would let my dog off his leash (yes I cleaned up after him). One day there was a fresh grave, nothing new there. But this day my dog started digging with purpose. It’s not like he’s never dug before, but this was crazy. I would chase him off and he would do a wide loop and get right back to the same spot. It wouldn’t end until I leashed him and dragged him away. This kept happening, for a few weeks, until a friend mentioned that the preson buried there may have been calling to Henry to dig her up. So I sat down, talked to her and if nothing else I did convince her to leave my dog alone, because if anyone saw him digging up a grave….well I just know it wouldn’t end well. He never bothered her again, nor any other grave.

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