Procrastinatus absolutus

absolutus having two meanings – either finished, or unrestricted.

Which brings me to this tangential confession: I am a hopeless procrastinator. So hopeless that I even put off going to bed at night. Most mornings I arrive at Ankhie’s desk having fewer than 4 hours of sleep under my belt, which usually works out just fine. Except for when it doesn’t.  You may or may not have noticed that the blog has been a little thin this past week.  Blame it on sleep procrastination. When I should be logging in some shut-eye I have instead been pondering life’s great mystical mysteries and drafting posts in my head – that I put off writing until morning – when I arrive at work to an avalanche of emails and other seemingly endless duties.  Absolutus!  So, although my procrastination seems to know no end, I hereby vow to shift allegiance from definition “unrestricted” to definition “finished.”  Starting next week, after holidays and hurricanes, the Weiser Books Blog will be a Monday through Friday regular gig. Now if I could just stop having those weird dreams about Aleister Crowley and Keith Richards!

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