A blog seemed like a good idea…

… since there is so much fondness for the old Samuel Weiser Bookshop in NYC  (long gone, alas) and the classic esoteric titles that they sold and published. These books, marked with an Ankh and mostly still in print,  are the core of modern metaphysical and occult studies. They have been inspiration for countless artists, writers and musicians, and continue to haunt bookshelves, e-readers, and open minds everywhere.  So let’s talk about all things Weiser. Tell us your stories, and we’ll tell you ours…

One thought on “A blog seemed like a good idea…

  1. Mary

    I will never forget Weiser’s Bookstore. If only they had stores like that today. Sure, sales help is eager to kindly help you in the big superstores. They’ll gladly show you where to find the book you are looking for, but don’t dare ask them a question about what’s inside the book or a question on rituals or astrology. They won’t know what you are talking about. But, at Weiser’s they were friendly; they were knowledgeable. They always had time for you. I learned so much from them. Thanks for your reply to my blog.

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